Sunday, May 02, 2010

"The Amazing Race XVI" 5/2- SEMI-FINALS, PART TWO

OPENING CLUE: Go to the Garden Bridge, where their second clue awaits.

Clue #2: Travel to the Longhua Temple for their third clue.

Brent Horne & Caite Upton have the early lead. As for Dan & Jordan Pious, they get into some early trouble for the second straight week; this time, they get lost for more than two hours.

ROADBLOCK #11: One member of every team has to count all the golden statues that are in the room. If they write down the correct total of 523, they will receive their fourth clue; otherwise, they will incur a TEN-MINUTE PENALTY before they can try again.

Caite has a bit of a problem with this task, allowing Jet & Cord McCoy to take the lead away from her team.

Clue #4: Ride a motorcycle to the Yuyuan Gardens; their next clue is located here.

DETOUR #9: Pork Chops or Pork Dumplings?

Chops: Teams have to make their way to a store that sells elaborately-engraved stamps called "chops" and find the two with their names on them before turning them in for their next clue.

Dumplings: Teams must walk to a restaurant and deliver 10 orders of dumplings to some customers in order to receive their next clue.

All four teams go with the Chops.

FINAL SPEED BUMP OF THE SEASON (located next to this week's Roadblock): Three-time winners Louie Stravato & Michael Naylor each have to toss a coin into a monument before they can resume their regular gameplay.

PIT STOP #10: The Riverside Promenade.

It's a close race between the McCoys and Brent & Caite for this week's prize, a trip to Spain. And that vacation will be going to...

...Brent & Caite- that's their first win all season long! And the team that will be joining those two duos in the championship round are...

Dan & Jordan
Louie & Michael

...The Piouses! That means Louie & Michael will have to leave us, but they do so with the $5,000 Discover Cards, the Mexico trips and the HDTVs.
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