Sunday, May 09, 2010


OPENING CLUE: Our final three teams have to fly over 6,000 miles to the Golden Gate City- San Francisco. Once there, they need to go to Battery Godfrey for their second clue.

Dan & Jordan Pious have the early lead.

Clue #2: Solve the following riddle- "I was built in 1933. I'm 210 feet tall. My insides are lined with murals painted by 26 different artists. What am I?". The answer to this is NOT the Golden Gate Bridge, but rather Coit Tower, and that's where their third clue awaits.

Brent Horne & Caite Upton are in last place as a result of taking a taxi that gets them lost.

FINAL ROADBLOCK OF THE SEASON: Using a mechanical ascender, the three teams have to make a 120-foot leaping vertical climb up to the Coit Tower's archways, where they can pick up their fourth clue before being brought back down to the ground.

Clue #4: Find the Yoda Fountain, located in front of Lucasfilm Limited's studios, for their fifth clue.

Clue #5: After enterting the Industrial Light & Magic division of Lucasfilm, one member of each team has to put on a motion capture suit before entering a soundstage. Their teammates will then direct their partners through a series of levels in a virtual world. Once they're done, the directors will see their next clue spinning around on their monitors, and their partners will have to spin around in order to slow the spinning down.

Clue #6: Go to the Tonga Room, where they have to choose one of three steamer trunks before they try to spot the logo of where they need to go next.

Clue #7: They must bring along their trunk to The Great American Music Hall before opening it to find 11 psychedelic posters, eight of which have the previously eliminated teams on them, while the other three have non-elimination signs on them. Once they correctly memorize this season's elimination order, they'll receive their final clue from a roady.

MILLION DOLLAR CLUE: "Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, to find the finish line, jump over to________________________". The correct answer is Candlestick Park, best known for being home to the NFL's 49ers and MLB's Giants.


...IN ONE OF THE MOST DOMINATING FINALE PERFORMANCES EVER ON THIS SHOW, THE PIOUSES!!!!!!! They get the $1,000,000 AND the motorcycles!!! Your runners up are Jet & Cord McCoy!
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