Sunday, May 16, 2010


To start, the remaining five celebrities are brought back into The Boardroom, but this star gets fired for making a very inappropriate comment regarding somebody else taking a dump in their team’s dressing room last week…

…Maria Kanellis.

FINAL FOUR INTERVIEWS: Doing the honors this time are Bill Rancic & Joan Rivers.

1. Curtis Stone (who was the guy that went to the bathroom last week!)
2. Sharon Osbourne
3. Bret Michaels
4. Holly Robinson Peete

And the two remaining stars this season are…

…Bret & Holly!

THE FINAL TASK: Create a new flavor of Snapple. This includes designing the label, shoot a 30-second TV commercial and do a three-page print advertisement.

Bret: Darryl Strawberry & Summer Sanders
Holly: Curtis & Maria

Bret: Bret’s Blend
Holly: Compassion Strawberry

Bret & Curtis get into an argument over who should get the passion fruit in their tea…in the end, Bret gives Holly’s Team that.

After taste-testing it, Maria calls Bret's drink "absolutely disgusting".

Later, Bret re-names his drink "Trop-a-Rocka".

Next, Bret's Team takes a huge gamble by shooting two ads, both talking about Diabetes- one of them being hilarious and the other being sincere.

The live parts of next week's season finale will be held at the Skirball Center in NYC; the big winner will not only get an additional $250K for his/her charity, but also an appearance on "Live! With Regis & Kelly" the following morning.
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