Monday, May 31, 2010


Here are the 10 contestants:

Craig Francyzk (Winnipeg)- Retail manager
David Palmer (Huntington Beach, CA)- Astrologer/DJ
JD Scott (L.A.)- Real-estate agent
Michael Allen (Miami, Fl)- Actor/model
Taylor Bills (Irvine, CA)- Former professional athlete

Amy Schmoldt (New Brunswick, NJ)- Bartender
Erika Othen (Long Island, NY)- Cocktail waitress/singer
Liz Parada (Hollywood, FL)- Model
Michelle Mozek (Dallas)- Aspiring dancer
Regina Villano (Tabernacle, NJ)- Teen pageant queen

This is a series being produced by both Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks. It's being hosted by Carson Kressley, with Vanessa Minnillo being his co-host and a judge. Joining Vanessa at the judging table will be Beth Ostrosky Stern. And this show is NOT in high-definition.

These people think they're competing to become "The Face of Vegas" while living at the Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas. During that time, whether they know it or not, they're actually being judged on their beauty, inside and out. The champion after the eighth episode will win $100,000 and be featured in a future People Magazine article.

Each week, there will be a challenge. The two who do the worst on it will go to the Final Face-Off, where one of them will be eliminated.

OPENING CHALLENGE: With a $200 shopping budget, they have 20 minutes to shop for clothing before dressing themselves as their Vegas alter-egos and being placed in a glass case for visitors to see. Their popularity levels within a one-hour period will decide who will definitely stay and who might be headed home. While they're shopping, an actress named Paige will pretend she's a stylist and give them some advice, as well as give them a chance to steal an item they couldn't previously afford.

Falling for Paige's item traps are...Craig, JD, Liz & Michael.

The most popular person of the week, and therefore winning the first challenge, is...


FINAL FACE-OFF: Since they were the two least popular people in the challenge, David & JD have to both plead their case to Beth & Carson on why they should stay on the show. The first of these guys to be eliminated this season is...


...JD. After each cut is announced, Vanessa appears to tell them the secret about this competition, and their picture is placed in a dumpster.
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