Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"The Ultimate Fighter" 5/19

WILD CARD BOUT: Kyacey Uscola vs. Kris McCray
Referee: Steve Mazzagatti

Round 1: Uscola kicks McCray hard in one of his ankles just as the second minute of this round gets started. McCray does manage to rebound a bit with a take down at 1:19, but a knee shot from him results in a low blow, stopping the clock with 2:02 left. With 1:14 to go, Uscola does an arm-drag takedown on McCray, which is immediately followed by a knee lift. McCray responds with a big takedown as only :51 remains on the clock. After hitting Uscola in the back of the head with some punches, he falls way short of applying the rear-naked choke correctly.

Round 2: It only takes :21 for McCray to start the round off with a takedown...and 39 seconds later, HE MAKES USCOLA TAP OUT!

Before we reveal the four semi-final matchups, we have learned that Nick Ring has WITHDRAWN from the competition because of having his third ACL reconstruction surgery. James Hammortree will take over his spot. Now, here are the quarterfinal matchups:

1. Court McGee vs. James Hammortree
2. Kyle Noke vs. Kris McCray
3. Brad Tavares vs. Seth Baczynski
4. Josh Bryant vs. Jamie Yager

Some of the fighters played the upcoming "UFC Undisputed 2010" video game, which will first be released in North America on May 25th for Playstation 3, XBOX 360 and the PSP gaming systems.

QUARTERFINAL FIGHT #1: McGee vs. Hammortree
Referee: Herb Dean

Round 1: After Hammortree gets a slight advantage, McGee blocks a kick before doing a single-leg takedown at 1:45. Following a knee to the chest, he takes Hammortree down strongly from the back at the 3:07 mark. He immediately then goes for a choke but completely misses it; he also is unsuccessful on his third takedown attempt with 1:05 left in this round. With :48 remaining, Hammortree gets McGee down but is unable to get the rear-naked choke on.

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