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6/15/2010 Results

TPIR: Episode 5212K begins with Sheila Nave, Kenneth Davidson, Erica Shannon, Stacey Brusba, and the first IUFB of a Rome snowboarding package (Amber inside the clam).

Stacey: $1,200
Erica: $800
Kenneth: $1,250
Sheila: $950

ARP: $1,630

Kenneth might be the last contestant this season to play
Pl!nko! The four SPs in this morning's playing are modeled by Manuela.

1. Small picnic table
IS NOT: $28
PICK: 8- $18

2. Prada fragrance
IS NOT: $54
PICK: 5- $74

3. Travel mug
IS NOT: $29
PICK: 2- $20

4. Guacamole mortar/pestle
IS NOT: $41
PICK: 1- $49

The other two Pl!nko Chips are given to him by Lanisha.

1. $1,000 (Right)
2. $500 (Left)
3. $100 (Left)- WINS $1,600

Fifth is Joseph Navaro and the second IUFB is the Look of the Week (Manuela).

Joseph: $700
Sheila: $1,001
Stacey: $1,200
Erica: $1,201

ARP: $1,160

Stacey was over by $40 and Erica by $41, so Sheila will play Money Game for the Ford Focus SE (Std., AT, Lighting)(Amber at Door #2). Board:


MIDDLE NUMBER: 0 ($ _ _ , 0 _ _)

El Cheapo's out there today, but Stacey starts her bank here with $20 before she finds the front of the Focus at 19. Her later picks are 75, 64...AND EL CHEAPO TO SHOOT DOWN BOTH THAT AND THE FRONT AND BACK TRICK!!! She wins the $19,005 car and $159 in gas money!

(Note: Drew Carey had a little trouble getting the middle number section out of the board, resulting in the Mighty Sound Effects Lady dinging him not once or twice, but three times!)

Coming on down sixth is Rashanda Dickson and the third IUFB is an outdoor furniture set (Lanisha at Door #3).

Rashanda: $1,500
Stacey: $1,600
Erica: $1,100
Joseph: $1,101

ARP: $1,945

Stacey plays Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze Play for one of those non-Bull outdoor kitchen islands (Manuela at Door #2). Board:


She needs to remove the eight...but thanks to her family, she removes the three instead.

(Note: Drew nearly removed the first nine, which would've resulted in a technical win!)

Stacey ($1,945): $.85
Kenneth ($3,268): WINS ANOTHER $1,000!
Sheila ($20,324): Two 35s

Kenneth's Bonus Spin is worth...$.85.

Seventh is Rex Bax (a University of Florida fan who's wearing a University of Alabama shirt) and IUFB #4 is the two Diamondback bikes (Manuela in front of Contestant's Row).

Rex: $700
Erica: $850
Joseph: $799
Rashanda: BUCK

ARP: $720

Rex plays Bullseye for an Ashley Queen bedroom group worth $6,953 (Lanisha at Door #3). Today's grocery items are Francesco Rinaldi Pasta Sauce, a big bag of Smarties, Clorox2, Aquafresh Iso-Active Toothpaste and Cool Whip.

(Note: A new product wipe for this Pricing Game has been introduced today!)

1. 4 Toothpastes: $3.99 X 4 = $15.96
2. 3 Sauces: $1.99 X 3 = $5.97
FINAL PURCHASE: 3 Smarties Bags- $1.69 X 3 = $5.07

If the Hidden Bullseye's attached to the toothpaste, he loses...no. If it's with the sauce, he wins...no. That means it has to be under the candy or else...and it is!

The red spot next belongs to Jacqueline Getty and the fifth IUFB is the Lenovo Thinkpad (Lanisha).

Jacqueline: $680
Erica: $1,100
Joseph: $450
Rashanda: $1,200

ARP: $1,275

Rashanda's the second straight contestant to play Lucky $even for the Jeep Wrangler (Std., AC, Prot)(All). Unfortunately for her, it's the $23,391 one...BUT WHAT DO YOU KNOW, AFTER HER FIRST PICKS OF 4 & 5, SHE GETS THE LAST TWO NUMBERS EXACTLY RIGHT TO WIN IT PLUS $3 IN GAS MONEY- UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!! If I were the host of this show, I would've acted like Pat Sajak when somebody named Joseph got the bonus puzzle of GOPHER on a February 2001 College Week episode of "Wheel of Fortune" from Washington D.C. with no additional help!!! That might very well be the GRECO-STOPPER OF THE SEASON RIGHT THERE!!!!!

(Note: I saw quite a few members of the Peanut Gallery also thinking that last digit was one- wow!!!)

Video Bonus: Today's REALLY EXCITING car games!

It's going to be extremely tough to follow that, but here comes Heather Gropin and the last IUFB is a Board Towelz package (Amber behind the Giant Price Tag). Erica's been here the whole show and will bid third in this final round.

Heather: $550
Jacqueline: $600
Erica: $650
Joseph: $500

ARP: $558


Heather plays Two for the Price of One for three pairs of Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook sunglasses (Lanisha) and a trip to the Embassy Suites Lake Tahoe Hotel & Ski Resort (Amber). Board for the sunglasses:

First number: 4 or 9?
Second number: 5 or 7?
Third number: 0 or 3?

She chooses the middle digit as her freebie, and it's a five. She locks in $450...

$ 4 5 0

...and we have a perfect second half!

My lineup today:

1. Bullseye
2. Pl!nko
3. Lucky $even
4. 2 For the Price of 1
5. Squeeze Play
6. Money Game

SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN #2 (winner gets Top Winner's Showcase podium; Ken, you'd better hope Rashanda doesn't get it):
Heather (second spin was a PENALTY): 40 + 70 = OVER BY A DIME
Rex: Nickel + 15 = Two Dimes

The first Showcase (all modeled by Manuela) has a skiing package (in front of Door #1 to the left), a ski trip to that Millennium Hotel in Anchorage (in front of Door #1 to the right; includes three hours of private skiing lessons and a dogsled ride) and a pair of Ski-Doo snowmobiles (behind Door #1).



Rashanda's Showcase starts off with a vacation at the Superclubs Breeezes Resort Spa & Casino Curacao (Amber at Door #4; includes some time playing with the dolphins and $2,000 in AAA gift cards). But if she wants to bring some of the Caribbean fun with her back home, here's an Liquid Shredder Soft Surfboards/Ocean Kayak (Lanisha at Door #3) and a Kawsaki STX 15F jet ski (Manuela at Door #2; if she wins this Showcase, her Jeep will presumably be parked behind this door).



BID: $28,000
ARP: $20,355

BID: $18,500
ARP: $19,135- WIN

Ken wins $23,403 in cash and prizes. But Rashanda deservingly still leaves as the day's top winner with $24,669 in cash and stuff.

TNG: Tuesday's teams are all expecting a baby very soon! And here they are now:

Grant & Erica (married a year and a month)
Brad & Rene (married 1/6 of a year)
David & Janet (married 1 1/2 years)

Randy's Intro: "A woman whose middle name should be Sassy"


1. How long do you think your wife will make you wait before you're allowed into that baby maker again- a week, a month or 2011 doesn't sound so far off?
2. Complete the following: "One baby name that I suggested that made my wife throw up a little bit in her mouth was _________."
3. If you had to guess, how many times have you two made whoopee- 100, 500 or you can't count that high?


1. 2011
2. Bud
3. 500

1. Week
2. Bobina
3. Too many to count

1. Month
2. Gertrude
3. 500



1. Month- NO MATCH
2. Bud- MATCH (5)
3. Can't even count- NO MATCH

1. 2011- NO MATCH
2. Brenda- NO MATCH
3. 100- NO MATCH

1. 2011- NO MATCH
2. Sophia- NO MATCH
3. Can't even count- NO MATCH


1. What's been the hardest thing to handle since you got knocked up- the weird cravings, the morning sickness or how annoying you suddenly find your husband?
Foster Grant Question of the Night: What's the one thing you put on that makes you feel your sexiest while you're expecting?
3. On average, does your husband spend more time brushing his teeth or engaging in foreplay?
30-POINT BONUS QUESTION: "I knew that when I got pregnant, my body would go through some crazy changes. But flippin' A, I didn't think my ____________ would totally ___________________."


1. Cravings
2. Nothing
3. Foreplay
BONUS: Butt, blow up

1. Sickness
2. Her pajamas
3. Foreplay
BONUS: Bladder, go

1. David being annoying
2. Her pajamas
3. Foreplay
BONUS: Back, ache


1. Him being annoying- NO MATCH
2. Pajamas- NO MATCH
3. Brushing his teeth- NO MATCH
BONUS: Butt, get so big- TWO MATCHES (35)

1. Cravings- MATCH (10)
2. Nightgown- ACCEPTABLE (20)
3. Foreplay- MATCH (30)
BONUS: Skin, spludgy- ELIMINATED

1. Him being annoying- MATCH (10)
2. Short dress- NO MATCH
3. Foreplay- MATCH (20)
BONUS: Back, hurt so much- WIN! (50)

Reeds Romance Moment of the Night: Brad & Rene after their second match of the evening

Tonight's Consolation Prize: $250 worth of meals from Susan's Healthy Gourmet

CC: Entering the cab first is a man named Tracy Wong, who's trying to make it to the Harlem Restaurant (located at 2nd & 45th). He's got 46 blocks worth of questions.

$50 Round:
1. More ferocious than a Puggle, the Pizle is the hybrid offspring of a Grizzly and what other bear?
Guess: Polar bear- CORRECT ($50)
2. Impeached last year, what Illinois governor reportedly made state troopers carry a brush for his hair emergencies?
Guess: (Rod) Blagojevich- YOU BET ($100)
3. Also a type of steak, what's the military term for the extreme right or left side of a combat unit?
Guess: Flank- RIGHT ($150)
4. According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, what social networking site is the sixth-largest country in the world?
Guess: Facebook- RIGHT ($200)

$100 Round:
1. Laying low in L.A., a nearly-intact mammoth skeleton was discovered last year next to what famously sticky site?
Guess: La Brea Tar Pits- RIGHT ($300)
2. Popularized by educator Thomas Gallaudet, what unique language is abbreviated ASL?
Guess: American Sign Language- YES INDEED ($400)
3. Established in 1970, what federal agency has been described as the extended shadow of Rachel Carson?
Guess: EPA- RIGHT ($500)
4. Eternally upstaged by the Titanic, what British luxury liner was sunk by a German U-boat in 1915?
Guess: The Lusitanian- RIGHT AGAIN ($600)

Only $200 Question of this Game: Made famous by Monopoly, what defunct railroad served Philadelphia, Atlantic City and the city for which it's named?
Mobile Shout-Out: Tracy calls his classmate Andrew Jackney, who says it's Reading.
Guess: Reading- $800 SWEEP!

He then walks away.

The second game is being played by three girls named Chloe, Reena & Robin, who are attempting to make it 33 blocks to somewhere within 3rd & 13th on the left side.

$50 Round:
1. In a famous address, what U.S. President proclaimed that "Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish"?
Guess: George Washington- STRIKE ONE (A: Abraham Lincoln)
2. Sold for over 40 years, what brand of adjustable bed promises 1,001 relaxing & comfortable positions?
Guess: Posturepedic- STRIKE TWO (A: Craftmatic)
3. Channeling the Colorado since 1935, what Southwestern structure consists of concrete to paint the Equator?
Mobile Shout-Out #2: Chloe calls his dad Howard, who's confident about the Hoover Dam.
Guess: Hoover Dam- OF COURSE ($50)
4. Despite being called Scarface, what gangster used talcum powder to hide the disfiguring marks on his mug?
Street Shout-Out: While in Murray Hill, they meet a man wearing a black jacket and holding an umbrella who's tempted to say Al Capone.
Guess: Al Capone- CORRECT ($100)

$100 Round:
1. From a Sanskrit word meaning "cloth", what draped garments are worn unaplogetically by the women of India?
Guess: Sari- RIGHT ($200)
2. Helping Chrysler make its comeback, the Plymouth Reliant & the Dodge Aries belong to a car series denoted by what letter?
Guess: H- GAME OVER (A: K)

For the last game of the night, we go from a trio of girls to the same number of boys, and they're named Brian, Keith & Pat. They have to survive 47 blocks in order to get to a place at 9th & 51st. They sweep their first round questions.

$100 Round:
1. In 1864, President Lincoln autographed copies of what iconic executive order to raise funds for wounded soldiers?

Guess: Emancipation Proclaimation- CORRECT ($300)
2. Occurring every May, the world's only public auction of elk handlers takes place at what Wyoming resort valley?
Guess: Jackson Hole- RIGHT ($400)
RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: In the 2008 election, President Obama took nine states that pushed one in 2004. Name six of these nine red to blue states.
Correct answers given: Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, New Mexico & Colorado ($650)(Not said: Indiana, Iowa & Nevada)
3. What leftest Latin American was the subject of a 1960s snapshot said to be the most famous photograph in the world?
Guess: Che Guevara- RIGHT ($750)
4. Inspired by a Freudian concept, what comic strip is set in a Medieval kingdom populated by idiots?
Guess: "The Wizard of Id"- YES INDEED ($850)

$200 Round:
1. Introduing America to stir-fry & soy sauce, what long-running PBS show made a star out of chef Martin Yan?
Street Shout-Out #2: In the middle of NYC's Theater District, they meet a couple, but they BLANK OUT. Just before the buzzer, those helpers desperately threw out a guess of "Sesame Street", which would have been incorrect anyway; the right show was "Yan Can Cook".
2. Represented by a shovel-weilding icon, what website is designed to unbury interesting stories on the Internet?
Guess: Dig.com- RIGHT ($1,050)
3. From the Latin for "sausage", what perilizing bacterial disease is usually caused by poorly-canned food?
Guess: Botchulism- RIGHT ($1,250)
4. Championed by Aristotle,what precious principle is defined as the desirable middle ground between two extremes?
Guess: The Golden Mean- RIGHT AGAIN ($1,450)
FINAL QUESTION: Known as the BOP, what agency is responsible for the custody and care of over 200,000 federal inmates?
Guess: Bureau of Prisons- WINS $1,650!

And they are...NOT done, because they're risking it on the Video Bonus Question!

AFLAC VIDEO BONUS: Recorded in 1975, this footage documented the historic fall of the so-called Paris of the Orient. Revilled by some, revered by others, what famous revolutionary lends his name to this Asian city?

Their final answer is Ho Chi Minh...AND THEY'RE LEAVING $3,300 HAPPIER!

Jeopardy!: Marty Scott could rise to the top of the new Tournament of Champions Leaderboard if he wins tonight's game against:

Anne Triolo (Bellefonte, PA)- Screenwriter/bookstore manager
Jonah Busch (originally from West Lafayette, LA)- Environmental economist

Tuesday's first six topics:


THE FOOD CHAIN (each clue is a three-word Missing Link chain)

Just before the first commercial break, Triolo hits the Daily Double under the $800 clue on Aesop's Fables with $3,000; she's $600 ahead of Scott for the lead, while Busch's $400 in the hole. She makes it a True DD, so for $6,000 or nothing, here is the clue:

The moral of the story of these two insects is "It is best to prepare for the days of necessity".

"Who are 'The Ant & The Grasshopper'?"...DOUBLE TO SIX GRAND! As the first half of the round wraps up, Scott takes the last clue in the same category; at the end of this round, Triolo's still leading with $9,600. Scott's a pretty close second with $6,800 and Busch's a distant third with $1,600, but at least he's in the money now.


DJ! Subjects:

WHAT'S ON YOUR iPOD? (all video clues read by celebrites from the contestant pdoiums; this is also the name of a recurring bit on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"; a similar segment is also done sometimes on "The Late Show With David Letterman")

Triolo gets the first three "Little" clues before finding DD #1 under its $1,600 clue and wagering four grand this time. The answer this time is:

The title of this Inge drama refers to the dog that Lola Delaney lost & pines for.

"What is 'Come Back, Little Sheba'?"...IS RIGHT TO JUMP INTO LOCK GAME TERRITORY WITH $16K! To sweep the category:

This 1939 play by Lillian Hellman tells the story of the ruthless Hubbard family.

Marty: "What is 'The Little Foxes'?"- CORRECT ($8,800)

Shortly after that, Busch closes out the DDs with the one at the middle spot in the Supreme Court Justice category. He has $4,400, which is half of Scott's new second-place total; that means Triolo's NOT in LGT now. Anyway, he goes for the TDD with this:

...is the youngest.

"Who is John Roberts?"...currently 55 years old and has a birthday that takes place a day after mine, Roberts is RIGHT FOR THE $8,800 DOUBLER AND A SECOND-PLACE TIE!

Just before we reach Final Jeopardy!, Scott uses the High School Strategy on the last three Horse Smarts clues.



Marty: $13,600
Jonah: $10,800
Anne: $18,800


Marty: $13,600
Jonah: $7,600
Anne: $14,200

The 2/3 betting situation and Stratton's Dilemma are now in play.

FJ! CATEGORY: The 50 States.

It's the only two-word state name in which neither word appears in the name of any other state.

Jonah Busch's response was the right one, "What is Rhode Island?"! His suggested wager was only $400...but he risked a C-note more than that, so he finishes with $12,200. Marty Scott...is also right! While in SD, he could only think about betting either something less than $3,200 or more than eight large...and he played it safe with a $2,400 bet, making his final bankroll for the night $16K. I can tell you right now no matter what happens here, Buddy Wright still has the top spot with his four wins and $88,804...and Anne Triolo wins the championship with $27,800 (although she wagered $599 more than she should have)! Scott leaves us, at least for now, with $66,001.


Conclusion of Lynn Tucker's game

Game 2
Start of Game 3

Episode ratings:

9: "The Price is Right"
8: "Ca$h Cab"
7: "Jeopardy!" & "The Newlywed Game"
6: "Millionaire"
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