Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Hell's Kitchen" 6/15

From now on until the July 27th episode, all episodes will be two hours long.

Challenge #3: Fix some lunch for 50 of the University of Southern California cheerleaders!

The first team to finish wins...

...and it's the Women! They earn a stay at the Malibu Beach Inn, while the Men have to live with cleaning up the river around L.A.

DINNER SERVICE #3: The assistant Maitre D's for this are Holli Ugalde & Salvatore Coppola. After we hear that the writing on one of the first meal tickets was in Japanese, Maria Torrisi doesn't do enough with her lobster risotto, so Nilka Hendricks has to help her out in improving it. While Scott Hawley struggles with his circled potatoes, Salvatore has a meltdown and nearly withdraws from the show. Fran Kiler runs into serious trouble with a steak that should be cooked medium-rare. Throughout the service, Jason Ellis is too slow with the garnishing. Also having a garnish problem is Jamie Bisoulis, and Siobhan Allgood tries to help her out, but she winds up cooking some raw halibut. Adding insult to injury for Fran (literally), she burns one of her hands and has to get some medical attention.

The winners are...

...the Men!

ELIMINATION #3: Both Jamie & Fran are nominated for the second time this season by Nilka. The first cheftestant to be shown the door tonight is...



Challenge #4: It's time to roll the letter dice!

Scott- H (alibut)
Jason- E (ndive)
Ed Battaglia- S (alsify)
Benjamin Knack- C (rab)
Jay Santos- P (eas)
Salvatore- B (acon)

Fran- B (eets)
Nilka- S (hallots)
Autumn Lewis- M (ango)
Siobhan- H (am)
Maria- T (urnips)
Holli- D (uck)

Each team has a half-hour to make a dish using said ingredients.

Men: Pan-roasted halibut w/ bacon, crab & pea Ragu salsa puree, as well as a crab & endive salad
Women: Mango-glazed pan-seared duck w/ beets, mango & puree turnips

This challenge goes to...

...thanks to the Women's duck being too fatty, the Men! While the Ladies have to swap the poop deck (in other words, they have to clean the entrance hall), the Guys get to go skydiving (although Jason's NOT a fan of it).

DS #4: Some of the guests this time are former sportscaster and current "Entertainment Tonight" anchor Kevin Frazier, female "Entourage" star Debi Mazar, author/TV producer Jay McGraw, Playboy model Erica McGraw, "True Blood" actress Carrie Preston, actress Barbara Niven & ESPN reporter Jamie Little. Early on, Salvatore makes some raw snapper, while Siobhan MAJORLY GOOFS TWICE on the Lobster Cappellini by making crab the key ingredient instead of lobster. Also on the trouble list are Ed with some cold potatoes, Autumn because she uses an incorrect utensil to pick up some salmon, Scott due to some rare steak filets that were intended to have been cooked medium instead, as well as some raw Beef Wellingtons that should've been rare. But those who do well in this service are Nilka w/ her meat station and Salvatore with his steak section. This was, by a mile, the BEST DINNER SERVICE OF THE SEASON SO FAR!

Autumn (for her second time) & Scott are nominated to get cut next, but we WON'T know who will actually be sent packing next until next week.
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