Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Hell's Kitchen" 6/22

Regarding to what happened between Autumn Lewis & Scott Hawley late last week...they got switched to the other teams.

Challenge #5: Outside was a pen of 12 pigs; half of them had collars that said some kind of pork on them, while the other half had some side items. Each team had to grab three of both categories before they could cook three pork dishes with what they had to work with. 45 minutes of cooking time was put onto the clock.

Round 1:
Fran Kiler & Nilka Hendricks: Blood sausage with prune puree
Benjamin Knack & Ed Battaglia: Pan-roasted pork loin

Round 2:
Autumn & Jason Ellis: Honey-glazed bacon w/ honey slaw
Holli Ugalde & Siobhan Allgood: Fennel-crusted pork tenderloin w/ sweet & sour apples & mustard sauce
WINNERS: Holli & Siobhan

Jay Santos & Salvatore Coppola: Latin-rubbed pork loin chop w/ Pinto beans
Maria Torrisi & Scott: Sweet Potato Soup
CHALLENGE WINNERS: Blue Team (FIFTH win in a row!)

The Blue Team won a stay at Glenn Ivy Hot Springs, while the Red Team was forced to clean the pigs.

DINNER SERVICE #5: The first-ever Fine Dining BBQ Night was held, but before things even got started, Nilka made some BAD BBQ chicken. A double-seating was conducted due to the demand of this debut event, with the Blue Team cooking first for two hours (meaning the Red Team was serving), followed by the Red Team. Amongst the featured dishes were smoked ribs, a Kobe beef burger & crab hush puppies. Maria added to the RT’s bad start by undercooking some of the hush puppies. Salvatore’s TERRIBLE writing on the meal tickets from two weeks ago came back to haunt him in this service. Back to the RT, they were arguing amongst each other for a little while. Autumn caught a burger cooked by Siobhan that was undercooked and sent it back. Scott had some blackening problems with his fried chicken (somebody call my brother, Andrew, because he’s working at KFC). As the BT's cooking session began, Holli & Maria got their orders mixed up, and some of the BT’s ribs were undercooked. Jason also dropped a chicken into a serving of French Fries.

THIS WAS THE WORST DS OF THE SEASON, but only one losing team was declared…

…and it was the RT.

ELIMINATION #4: Out of Maria, Nilka & Scott (the last of whom was nominated for elimination by Chef Ramsay)…Maria was cut.

Challenge #6: Make five dishes, each using one of the five Mother Sauces (Bechamel, Espangole, Hollandaise, Tomato & Veloute) within a half-hour; both teams had 20 ingredients to work with during that time.

Ramsay’s wife, Donna, and his mother Helen helped him out in judging this challenge.

Round 1 (Tomato):
Fran: Fettuccine w/ oysters, cheese, lemon, et al.
Salvatore: Fettuccine w/ eggplant, red peppers, et al.
WINNER: Fran (RT leads, 1-0)

Round 2 (Hollandaise):
Siobhan: Butterfly Pigeon (she mistakenly called it a Cornish Hen!)
Jay: Pan-seared duck breast over English peas

Round 3 (Veloute):
Holli: Sea bass (she actually called her piece of fish Halibut!)
Ed: Pan-roasted sea bass w/ mushroom veloute
WINNER: Ed (TIED at 1 each)

Round 4 (Espangole):
Nilka: Pan-seared steak w/ mushrooms, salt & pepper
Jason: Grilled strip steak w/ rosemary demi glaze
WINNER: Nilka (RT leads, 2-1)

FINAL ROUND (Bechamel):
Ben: Fish w/ Lemon Bechamel & roasted potato
Scott: Roasted duck breast on an eggplant/sweet potato bed

To break the tie, Ramsay chose the best dish out of the 10 in this challenge. And it belonged to…

Jason, SO THE BT REMAINED UNDEFEATED IN THE CHALLENGES! That meant the RT had to clean the kitchens, whereas the BT now enjoyed an English afternoon. While she was cleaning, Siobhan suffered an allergic reaction to the oven cleaner, forcing her to get medical attention.

DS #6: This one had a Family Night theme. Siobhan started off slowly with a spaghetti-cooking snafu, while Salvatore put in too much rice for a risotto order and was LYING to Ramsay about it. Elsewhere in risotto problems, Nilka forgot to add the lobster. Fran next overcooked some scallops. After that, Scott served some s$&%@y Beef Wellingtons. To add to the RT’s list of troubles, they were way off the mark on a piece of roast chicken and a steak…AND THAT ENTIRE TEAM WAS EVENTUALLY BENCHED. Needless to say, the BT won this challenge and Ben was sent to the RT! Additionally, the RT has NOT WON JACK THIS SEASON.

ELIMINATION #5: One service after being dubbed the Best of the Worst, Fran fell into the bottom two with Scott. For both of them, this was their third time each (with this being Scott’s third straight trip here)…


…and the other cheftestant eliminated this week was Scott.
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