Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Here are the latest 16 contestants to feel Chef Gordon Ramsay's wrath:

Autumn Lewis (West Hollywood, CA)- Personal chef
Andrew Forster (Wake Forest, NY)- Farmer
Benjamin Knack (Maiden, MA)- Culinary instructor
Ed Battaglia (Edgewater Park, NJ)- High school cooking teacher

Fran Kiler (Rockville Centre, NY)- Catering chef
Holli Ugalde (San Bernadino, CA)- Banquet chef

Jason Ellis (Suwanee, GA)- Personal chef
Jamie Bisoulis (Chicago)- Sous chef
Jay Santos (Medford, MA)- Executive chef
Maria Torrisi (Scranton, PA)- Kitchen supervisor
Mikey Termini (Kihei, Maui)- Line cook
Nilka Hendricks (West Hempstead, NY)- Line cook
Salvatore Coppola (Laurel Springs, NK)- Pizzeria chef
Scott Hawley (NYC)- Executive chef

Siobhan Allgood (Philadelphia)- Executive chef at a pub
Stacey Slichta (Studio City, CA)- Private chef

The sous chefs this season are Andi Van Willigan & Scott Leibfried.

OPENING CHALLENGE: As usual, they have 45 minutes to cook their signature dishes. The team that takes the most rounds wins.

And Chef Ramsay is making a guarantee that the opening dinner service will be completed successfully. But that's easier said than done.

The first one presented is Veal Scallapini. Chef Ramsay thinks it's so good, that he goes way over the top by hugging and kissing her...and as luck would have it- the person who presented that dish was his wife!

Maria: Avian-seared Filet Mignon w/ vegetable medley & blue cheese burblanc
Salvatore: Some kind of spaghetti

WINNER: Maria (1)

Benjamin: A lobster dish
Holly: A piece of halibut wrapped on a banana leaf
WINNER: Benjamin (1)

Jamie: Some undescribable mumbo jumbo that includes a TOOTHPICK
Scott: Duck breast w/ parsnips

Mikey (who's wearing some shocking tattoos about this show!): Brie stuffed w/ lobster
Siobhan: Seared Ahi Tuna wrapped in mint leaves
WINNER: BOTH (2 each)

ROUND 5: Stacey vs. Jay
WINNER: Jay (3)

ROUND 6: Fran vs. Jason
WINNER: Jason (4)

ROUND 7: Ed vs. Autumn
WINNER: Autumn (3)

Andrew: Steak tartar
Nilka: Chicken wings (which were doused with half a bottle of Tabasco Sauce)

This season's grand prize assignment is the head chef position at the Savoy Hotel's restaurant in London.

After the entire group watches some instructional videos on how to make dishes like lobster risotto late at night, the Women's punishment for losing the season's first challenge is...cooking the Men breakfast in bed.

FIRST DINNER SERVICE: The Women struggle before the service even starts, while Scott tries to be a leader for his team's kitchen. Jay & Nilka are serving Caesar Salads tableside. Stacey undercooks some scallops, and the Men already burn up their first two appetizer attempts. Fran's personal problems include cooking some potatoes and her fear of Chef Ramsay. After we see Benjamin struggling too, Fran adds to her list of troubles by inadvertantly putting some crab in a serving of lobster risotto. Chef Ramsay then benches Fran & Jamie.
As it turns out, the Women improve afterwards. Benjamin, Mikey & Salvatore also get benched, as does Stacey (due to her salmon struggles). Towards the end of the service, those chefs who are left on the teams work together.

The losers this week are...

...the Ladies.

FIRST CUT OF THE SEASON: Stacey & Fran are nominated. The first chef eliminated this season is...


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