Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Work of Art" 6/23

THIS WEEK’S ASSIGNMENT: In teams of two, create a cover for a classic book.

1. Monster- “Frankenstein“, Abdi Farah & Miles Mendenhall
2. Love- “Pride & Prejudice”, Jaclyn Santos & Judith Braun
3. Time Travel- “The Time Machine”, John Parot & Peregrine Honig
4. Adventure- “Alice in Wonderland”, Erik Johnson & Nicole Nadeau
5. Good vs. Evil- “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde”, Ryan Shultz & Nao Bustamente
6. Immortal- “Dracula”, Jaime Lynn Henderson & Mark Velasquez

The guest judge in this round was Penguin Books president/publisher Kathryn Court, and whoever won this challenge got their design published on their respective book all over the country.

This week’s shopping budget at Utrecht Art Supplies was $100.

TOP TWO: John & Mark

The new challenge winner was…


ELIMINATION #3: Jaclyn, Judith (second time in a row) & Peregrine were here. The third artist wiped off the agenda was…


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