Thursday, July 22, 2010

7/22/2010 Results

SL: Another band's playing the game this afternoon, but we don't know their collective name. But we do know they're from the state of New Jersey, and here are the six guys now:

Chris (Flemington)
Tony (Hampton)
Colin (Branchburg)
Jesse (Piscataway)
Greg (Flemington)
Cameron (Phillipsburg)

$300 Round:

1. Tony takes it away with a "Castle Jump". While dressed as a knight, he has to jump on a trampoline and crush a castle with his body.

2. Cameron's playing the "Like Rabbit".

3. Jesse's getting "Rug Dusted". He must allow a woman to smack a rug against his body repeatedly for 20 seconds while he's in nothing but his red underpants.

$400 Round:

1. The first stunt for Tony is called "Tender Polish". After having his nipples painted with red nail polish by his teammates, he has to get them blasted by the polish remover from the guns the rest of the team are holding. During this time, he's only in his white trousers.

2. Tony tries to make it 2 for 2 today with the "Dirty Grill". A male stranger has to scrape a black grill clean against his bare body for the next :20.
RESULT: PASS ($1,400)

3. Jesse's second challenge of the day is titled the "Food Dog". He's got :45 to eat a dog sculpure made of...what else? Dog food.

$800 Round:

1. Colin's starting his part of the group's participation with the "Chicken Scratch".
RESULT: PASS ($2,200)

2. Greg gets his turn at the "Skee Balls" stunt.

3. Chris, the last of the six bandmates to get chosen today, is about to have his outfit's yellow balloons "Whipped" by a bull whipper who's wearing a beard.
RESULT: PASS ($3,800)

GRAND GAME: If there isn't "Too Much (Blue Cheese) Dressing" according to everybody not named Colin who's competing in this final challenge, they'll each walk away with $600.

They still leave with $634 per band member.

There will be a new episode every day next week except for Thursday. On Monday, members of the new hit MTV show "Hard Times of RJ Berger" will play, and the band Honor Society gets to compete on Wednesday.

CC: The four-member team of Joanna, Seth, Therese & Tony get a chance to ride 37 blocks to Ninth & 44th.

$50 Round:
1. According to a Freudian reading from 1982, what famous pair of sleuths represents interaction between the id and the superego?
Guess: The Hardy Boys- CORRECT ($50)
2. From the Latin for "bring together", what standard photocopying action automatically sorts your copies for you?
Guess: Collate- RIGHT ($100)
3. Causing a flap in 2008, a University of Tokyo study has concluded that what Jurassic period reptiles were too heavy to fly?
Guess: Pterodactyl- RIGHT ($150)
4. Among Russian men, the 20 most common names all end with what letter of the alphabet?
Guess: Y- STRIKE ONE (A: V)

$100 Round:
1. Usually arranged in a criss-cross pattern, what's the industry term for the thin steel rods that reinforce concrete?
Guess: Hribar- CORRECT ($250)
2. An active ingredient in Clearasil & Stridex, what chemical compound is often represented by the formula PZ2O2?
Guess: Benzoyl Peroxide- RIGHT ($350)
3. Requiring President Washington to lay down the law, a 1794 rebellion was sparked by attacks on what liquor?
Guess: Whiskey- YOU BET ($450)

4. In a 2008 campaign called "The Great Schlep", what comedian encouraged her fellow Jews to stump for Obama in Florida (and also has a relationship with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel)?
Guess: Sarah Silverman- RIGHT ($550)

$200 Round:
1. Able to detect both rotation and vibration, what's the term for the motion sensors employed by the iPhone and the Wii?
Mobile Shout-Out: Therese decides to call Ross, who sounds very sure about the accelerometer.
Guess: Accelerometer- RIGHT AGAIN ($750)
2. Putting a new spin on bowling, what company produces an asymmetrical ball called Twisted Fury?
Guess: Brunswick- RIGHT AGAIN ($950)
FINAL QUESTION: Named for an era of English history, what cone-shaped collars are often worn by convalescing cats & dogs?
Guess: Elizabethan Collar- WINS $1,150; BAILOUT

The second team to enter the "Cab" goes down to three people- Alec, Dee Dee & Erma. They have 40 blocks to reach their destination at Second & 42nd, which is within the Murray Hill district. After a successful MBS by Dee Dee to Anthony, it all comes down to this last regulation question worth $100 with $400 in the till and two strikes against them:

An advertiser during the 2009 Super Bowl originally portrayed by the late Ed McMahon, what website offers you money in exchange for your 24-karat trinkets?
Street Shout-Out: The guy they ask in the white dress shirt says

I hope they disagree with him and say Ca$h For Gold instead...but they agree with him on, resulting in a LOSS.

And you guessed it- the last team of the night is made up of these two folks (both male)- Doug & Scott. Before they can check in at the Chelsea Hotel, they have to survive 47 blocks. They sweep their $50 questions.

$100 Round:
1. Also called Zone Therapy, what former alternative medicine treats the whole body through the manipulation of the feet & hands?
Guess: Reflexology- CORRECT ($300)

2. Evidence of the connection between man & ape, a transitional fossil is more commonly known by what name?
Guess: Missing link- RIGHT ($400)
RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: In 2008, J.D. Power & Associates surveyed seven leading independent travel websites. Name six of the seven.
Correct sites given: Travelocity, Orbitz & Priceline (Not said: Cheap Tickets, Expedia, & Hotwire)
3. Briefly banned by the SEC in 2008, what trading practice is summarized "Sell high and buy back low"?
Guess: Short selling- RIGHT ($500)
4. A Bible for crunchy counter culturalists, what storied catalog won a National Book Award in 1972?
Guess: The Whole Earth Catalog- YES INDEED ($600)

$200 Round:
1. Known by the acronym CREEP, what pro-Nixon organization funded the Watergate break-in?
Guess: Committee to Re-Elect the President- RIGHT ($800)
2. Used to determine height, what's the term for the highest point on the back of a horse?
MSO #3: Doug puts his ex-wife Deidre on the spot for this query, but she's of NO HELP.
Guess: High hand- NO (A: Withers)

They have NO time for the Video Bonus.

Jeopardy!: If John Krizel can defeat this pair of challengers after Alex Trebek just turned 70, he'll very likely knock off Paul Kursky for the top spot on the current Tournament of Champions Leaderboard:

Alison Stone Roberg (Kansas City, MO)- Administrative assistant
Dan Highlands (Quincy, MA)- Legal assistant

Here are the night's first six categories:

CITY SONGS (the musical artist and some of the lyrics are given on each clue)

The opening Daily Double is found by Roberg under the $800 21st Century clue with $1,600 and the early lead by $400 over Krizel; Highlands' $400 in the hole. She's wagering the same amount of money Krizel currently has in this game ($1,200). To remain in the lead, here's the clue:

In January 2009, this former Senate majority leader was named a special U.S. envoy for The Middle East.

"Who is (Tom) DeLay?"...incorrect, so down to $400 she goes. Correct: Who is George Mitchell? But she doubles up to $800 by the first break, and Highlands cuts down his early debt in half.



John: $6,600 (Lock Game Territory Alert)
Dan: $2,800 (after an incorrect response on a $400 clue was reversed just before the start of Double Jeopardy!)
Alison: $1K

The DJ! board:

PRESIDENTIAL MATH (on each clue, two Presidents are listed, and based on the U.S. Presidential order and the given mathematics action, the contestants have to figure out the right number)


Roberg gets control of her second DD of the night with the $1,600 clue on Presidential Math and $6,200. She's currently trailing the champion by two grand following a reverse ruling on one of his correct responses on an $800 clue just a few moments ago. Her wager this time is three, so this clue could put her back in the lead:

Reagan times Monroe.

"What is 200?"...Reagan was the 40th President and Monroe was the fifth, so she's right for first place with $9,200! A little later, she completes the DD Sweep with the $1,600 "And" clue; she's sitting on 12 large and trails Krizel by $1,600 for first place at this point; Highlands' improved dramatically to $7,600. She gambles three C-notes again, but now with this answer to work with:

An illegal parking penalty and an old term for a man much concerned with his dress & appearance.

"What is fine and dandy?"...well, she can say that again, because she re-gains the lead with 15 biggies!

ATTEMPTED LACH TRASH: $2K (the $2K clue on Pastry)


John: $13,400
Dan: $6,400
Alison: $17,400


John: $13,400
Dan: $6,400
Alison: $15,800

A 3/4 betting situation is in play for the upcoming final.

FJ! SUBJECT: Science History.

This concept dates to a 1783 paper by John Michell, who theorized about a body with The Sun's density and 500 times its diameter.

Dan Highlands needed to go for broke while writing down a response of "What is a black hole?"...BUT HE DIDN'T EVEN THOUGH HE'S RIGHT, BECAUSE HE DIDN'T BET A PENNY. John wrong with "What are red giants". I hope he risked $4,001 (or even less)...well, he bet $5,300, so he still has a chance with $8,100. I can tell you right now Alison Stone Roberg did wager $9,401...

...and she's right to take the title away with $26,801! Krizel leaves the show, at least for the time being, with $107,204.

Wipeout: It's time for an episode called "Screw You, Banana".

Qualifier: Before they can go any further, our 24 players tonight have to get past the Hoop Run, Sucker Punch, Big Balls, Trampoline Sweeper & Fling Set.

Notable times:

Michael "Boobs" White & Carrie "Complaints" Kiler: 4:29.7 each
Bree "All-American Girl" Bailey (sorry, Michelle McCool): 3:58.4

The other nine qualifiers headed to Overdrive are John Di Saia, Samantha Curtin, "Boston Babe" Danielle Jones, Jesse "The Strongman" Phillips, Jacquelyn Escalante, William "The Russian Aristocrat" Steglau, Jodi Tanaka, Ashley Bollo & David "Girly Test" Hutchison.

Advancing to Round 3:

1. David
2. Carrie
3. Bree
4. Danielle
5. Michael
6. Jesse

The Construction Zone: Same as the One-Ring Circus, The Jungle Gym & Mid-Evil Mix-a-Lot, except that there are two construction workers (one male and one female) throwing construction-like obstacles at the competitors.

1. Bree: 3:11.79

2. Danielle: 5:28.57

3. Jesse: 7:08.37

4. Carrie: 4:33.13

5. Michael: 3:20.74

6. David: 5:20.60

THE WIPEOUT ZONE: Two players represent each sex in this big-money round. After they get Catapaulted into the water, they have to get past The Spin Cycle, Triple Threat, Rib Rage and the Gauntlet (Spiked Whackers and Arms & Dangerous).

Bree: 14:18.25


David: 12:59.18

Will Carrie be complaining after her run is over?...

...NO WAY, JOSE- WITH A TIME OF 9:15:59, THE $50,000 GOES TO HER!



Sharon Wilson (originally from Detroit)- Demonstration model hostess/Rock & Roll band singer during the weekends
Doug ? (originally from Cedar Grove, NJ)- A dog walker who just got his Bachelor's Degree and picks up poop

Round 1: Colleges Larry Miller's Daughter Will Definitely NOT Be Attending
PAYOFF: $561

Shelley: Shaftsburg Tech
William: Ball State
Cashmere: Sharon Peters Academy
Sebastian: Moorehead State


Sharon: Cashmere- LIE ($561)
Doug: Shelley- LIE ($561)

Round 2: Least Menacing DC Comic Book Heroes Ever
PAYOFF: $838

Shelley: Girl Man
William: The Gay Ghost
Cashmere: Captain Carrot
Sebastian: Arm Fall-Off Boy


Sharon: Cashmere- TRUTH
Doug: Sebastian- TRUTH (A: Shelley)

Round 3: A Dog's Life

DOUG: Cashmere
Fact: In the American Kennel Club, all Chihuahuas have to weigh under six pounds
PAYOFF: $1,157 ($1,718)

SHARON: Sebastian
Fact: The fifth film in the "Air Bud" series is called "Air Bud: Stanley Pup"


Sharon's gag prize besides the $500 consolation is the Heel Tastic.



Shelley: David Hasselhoff
William: Meryl Streep

He gets either three, seven or eight right...and it's seven, sending him away with $5,218.

Episode ratings:

8: "Wipeout"
7: All of the other shows
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