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7/29/2010 Results

CC: Charles, Julia & Suzanna are playing a 40-block game for the chance to at least get to Carnegie Hall.

$50 Round:
1. Competing with Garfield on the comic pages, what fictional feline is named for the tortured hero of weathering heights?
Guess: Heathcliff- CORRECT ($50)
2. More memorable than "America's Dairy Land", "Eat Cheese or Die" was a popular proposed slogan for what U.S. state?
Guess: Wisconsin- YOU BET ($100)
3. A staple of stock market lingo, what word puts the "cap" in "small cap", "midcap" and "large cap"?
Guess: Capital- STRIKE ONE (A: Capitalization)
4. Originally played for after-dinner amusement, what indoor sport was once called "Whiff-Whaff" by the British upper crust?
Guess: Ping-Pong- RIGHT ($150)

$100 Round:
1. In 2006, distance walker Karl Bushby was arrested from trekking from Alaska into Siberia via what partially-frozen waterway?
Guess: Bering Strait- RIGHT ($250)
2. The Rockefellers of the Renaissance, what illustrious Florentine family saw three of its members become Pope?
Guess: The Medicis- RIGHT ($350)
RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: As cited in a 2005 USA Today article, name four of the five most common animal mascots used by American four-year colleges.
Correct mascots given: Lions, Panthers, Tigers & Eagles ($600)(Not said: Bulldogs)
3. Sporting the letters GSK in its logo, what pharmecutical giant is the maker of Aquafresh, Paxil & Zantac?
Guess: GlaxoSmithKline- RIGHT AGAIN ($700)
4. Connecting the larnyx and the stomach, what long interal organ is put at risk during the act of sword swallowing?
Guess: Esophagus- RIGHT AGAIN ($800)

$200 Round:
1. The husband of Klitemnestra, what ancient hero led the Greek army during The Trojan War?
Guess: Agamemnon- YES INDEED ($1K)

2. Named for a province in France, what Nuvo variety of wine is released annually on the third Thursday on November?
Guess: Beaujolais- RIGHT AGAIN ($1,200)
FINAL QUESTION: Founded by Guru Nanak Dev, what religion forbids its adherence to shave or cut their hair?
Guess: Sikhism- WINS $1,400

For $2,800, here's their Video Bonus Question:

VIDEO BONUS: This population has endured the company of Spaniards, Moores and many gawking tourists. Known as the Barbary Apes, these primates are a Simian staple of what small British territory?

They answer Gibraltar...which is RIGHT FOR $2,800!

The second trio to play tonight consists of all women- Angelina, Isis & Shantini. Their target destination is Union Square, 35 blocks away...but they only get their first three questions right, resulting in a loss.

The night concludes with couples action. Robin & Shawn's goal is to make it 34 to the Nobu Restaurant located at Hudson & Franklin...and they do with just one strike before walking out the van's doors with $750.

Jeopardy!: While becoming the new champion last night, Jen Fick won just under $10,000 thanks to a collective collapse by her and the other two contestants that started towards the end of "Double Jeopardy!" on "American Idol" alumni. She's hoping for better luck tonight against these challengers:

Meg Miller (Milton, MA)- High School Latin teacher
Markus Iturriaga (Knoxville, TN)- An IT administrator whose mother and younger brother both previously appeared on the German version of this show

Light up the first category board of the night, pronto:



At the first timeout, everybody's seperated by $600 apiece- Fick has $2,800, Miller's at $2,200 and Iturriaga stands at $1,600. With less than a minute to go in this round, Miller selects the Daily Double under the $800 Kentucky Megamix clue with $2,600. She can't catch Fick for the lead right now, because she has $5,400, but she can overtake Iturriaga's second-place total of $3,600 if she dares. Her wager is $1,500. To move her into second, here's the clue:

This 981-mile river forms Kentucky's northern border and empties into the Mississippi.

"What is the Ohio?"...move her up to second with $4,100, please! She adds a grand to that before the round officially ends; Iturriaga now has Fick's former score of $5,400, because the champion now leads with $6,400.

LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $800

DJ! Categories:

COMMANDERS AT WAR (Clue Crew clues)



The DDs are somewhere under Commanders At War and X2...and one is found by Iturriaga with the middle Commanders At War clue. At this moment with $12,600, he trails Miller for first place by only $1,300; Fick's a decent third with $7,200. His wager on the following clue read by Sarah Whitcomb is $2,400:

Pilots still use the WWII weaving tactic by which a pilot lures a pursuing enemy plane into another plane's gunsights; it was invented to combat this highly-manuverable Japanese fighter.

He BLANKS on the Mitsubishi Zero, so we drop him to $10,200. Just before time runs out, the champ gets the last DD attached to the middle X2 clue with eight grand in her bank. She's going for an even 10 large with this:

It's the number of stars & stripes on the U.S. flag X 2.

"What is 252?"...she RE-DOUBLED towards the end of the problem somehow, because the actual product was 126. We don't get to see either the last Commanders At War clue or the last two X2 answers.



Jen: $6K
Markus: $10,200
Meg: $13,900


Jen: $8K
Markus: $12,600
Meg: $13,200

There's a 2/3 betting situation in effect.

FJ! TOPIC: The Super Bowl.

As of this year, it's the only current NFC team that has never played in the Super Bowl.

Jen Fick thought of "What are the Detroit Lions?"...sounds right to me! Her most logical wager was $4,201...but she wagered everything but a buck, boosting her to $11,999. Markus Iturriaga...BLANKED OUT AGAIN, costing him $5K (his suggested betting range was $1,801-$2,800) and ending his stay on the show with $5,200. Meg Miller TOTALLY BLEW IT with "What are the Jacksonville Panthers" (she got the Jaguars and the Panthers confused)...but she only gave back a C-note, so thanks to some part of her brain on the wagering part, she's won the title with $12,900. Fick leaves with $11,300.

LNL: This could be their very last episode. For the record, this was the other of the earliest-taped shows.

CONTESTANTS: Sybil ? (Boston) & John Adams

Round 1: U.S. State Parks That Sound More Fun Than They Really Are
PAYOFF: $512

Shelley: Big Bone Lick State Park
William: Slippery Shaft State Park
Cashmere: Blue Knob State Park
Sebastian: Ladies Cave State Park

They both pick on William...and they're correct to get on the board! The other liar was Sebastian.

Round 2: Lindsay Lohan Songs That Sound Like They're Autobiographical
PAYOFF: $882

Shelley: "Over"
William: "Trashed" (which is also the title of a short-lived MTV game show hosted by "Singled Out's" Chris Hardwick)
Cashmere: "Dis-connected"
Sebastian: "Black Hole"


Sybil: William- LIE ($1,394)
John: Sebastian- TRUTH

Round 3: Take Your Medicine

SYBIL: Cashmere
Fact: There was an '80s pop star named Falco who was Katherine Heigl's dad
Guess: TRUTH- NO

JOHN: Sebastian
Fact: The first baboon to human heart transplant was performed at the Loma Linda University Medical Center in Loma Linda, CA back in 1984
PAYOFF: $700 ($1,212)- SYBIL WINS!

The last gag gift going out the door, at least for a while, is a package of Crazy Critters.



Shelley: Chicken
William: Gold

Does Sybil help them go out with a big win...NO, she's the fourth and final contestant to fall one correct answer short. With the additional $3,500, she departs with $4,894.

Episode ratings:

8: "Ca$h Cab"
6: "Jeopardy!" & "Late Night Liars"
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