Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Big Brother XII" 7/11

First Have or Have Not Competition of the Season: In three teams of four, one member at a time will jump into a caramel pit before going under a giant straw and jumping into a massive popcorn pit, where numerous missing teeth are hidden. The first two teams to find eight missing teeth will win, leaving the last-place team as the week's Have-Nots.

Belly Achers: Britney Haynes, Enzo Palumbo, Lane Elenburg & Monet Stunson
Holy Molars: Kathy Hillis, Matt Hoffman, Rachel Reilly & Ragan Fox
Plastic Attack: Andrew Gordon, Annie Whittington, Brendon Villegas & Kristen Bitting

The two quartets not having to endure a week's worth of suffering are...

...the PA and the BAs!

At this point, Head of Household Hayden Moss (who hosted this challenge while being dressed as a tooth fairy) gives the two winning teams the bolt cutters to bust open the door to the food room!

(Note: The Saboteur placed green X's on Britney & Kathy's pictures on the contestant photo gallery.)

Eviction Nomination Order (remember, Andrew's exempt from this for this week only):

1. Annie
2. Ragan
3. Enzo
4. Kristen
5. Britney
6. Matt
7. Monet
8. Kathy (sorry, Saboteur)
9. Lane

(Notes: Starting this season, the first four evicted houseguests and anybody who gets expelled during the course of the season will be considered "Off the Air". Remember, getting expelled means not only will you NOT be eligible to do any cameos in some challenge (s) later in the season besides forfeiting your possible berth in the jury, but you can't participate in any interviews on the show, either.)
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