Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Big Brother XII" 7/25

HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD COMPETITION ELIMINATION ORDER (the first five contestants eliminated in this challenge get to be this week's HAVES, while the other eliminated houseguests become the HAVE-NOTS of the week):

1. Kathy Hillis (after about 15 minutes)

2. Lane Elenburg (after about 16 minutes)

3. Kristen Bitting

4. Hayden Moss

5. Britney Haynes

6. Enzo Palumbo (after nearly 50 minutes)

7. Brendon Villegas (after almost an hour)

8. Andrew Gordon (after nearly 100 minutes)

And the new HoH, after 2:15:48, is...

...Matt Hoffman- that's the second straight week an eviction nominee from the previous week wins that coveted position!

The HNs' featured food items this week as determined by America food & Bok Choy.

Eviction nomination order #3:

1. Ragan Fox
2. Kristen
3. Hayden
4. Enzo
5. Lane
6. Britney
7. Rachel Reilly
8. Brendon
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