Sunday, July 25, 2010

"The Next Food Network Star" 7/25

Camera Challenge #7: After last season's big winner Melissa D'Arabian (who's currently hosting "Ten Dollar Dinners") appears, the remaining contestants for this season have to make something in only 20 minutes using a Kellogg's breakfast cereal. The time limit for the presentations this week will be 30 seconds.

Cereal assignments:

Aarti Sequiera- All-Bran
Aria Kagan- Crispix
Brad Sorenson- Rice Krispies
Herb Mesa- Fruit Loops
Serena Palumbo- Cocoa Krispies
Tom Pizzica- Corn Flakes


Aarti- Quinoa & All-Bran Pilaf
Aria- "Hopple Popple" Frittata w/ Crispix potato pancake
Brad- Rice Krispies-encrusted tuna with cucumber salad
Herb- Fruit Loops-encrusted French Toast w/ Latin sausage patties
Serena- Pork meatloaf w/ Cocoa Krispies
Tom- Corn Flakes & pecan-encrusted pork cutlet


1. Herb
2. Aarti
3. Serena
4. Aria
5. Tom
6. Brad

BOTTOM THREE: Aria, Serena & Tom

STAR CHALLENGE #7: At the Smog Shoppe in L.A., make one dish within one hour as part of a one-night supper club.

Aarti's the leader of the team because she won the CC; this week's shopping budget is $1,500 in half an hour.

Aarti (Little India)- Green chicken curry
Aria (Santa Monica)- Spiced carrot soup
Brad (Downtown L.A.)- Spice-rubbed lamb chop over a white bean ragu
Herb (Latin L.A.)- Flan
Serena (Beverly Hills)- Pasta Alla Norma
Tom (Thai Town)- Seared cod in Asian broth

This wasn't even close- Aarti has SWEPT this episode (she's the third chef this season to do that)! Brad, who also do so last week, finished second in this challenge.

OVERALL BOTTOM TWO #7: Tom's in the bottom three/four for the first time all season; this, however, is Serena's third. Serena should be eliminated based on everything, but let me remind you that last week, Brianna Jenkins became a one and done victim...


...cooler heads have prevailed- Serena's OUT.
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