Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Top Chef" 7/28

Quickfire #7: Make something on a toothpick in a 30-minute time limit. Whoever won not only got immunity, but $20,000 as well!

The guest judge here was Illinois 18th District U.S. House of Representatives member Aaron Schock.


Kevin Sbraga: Grilled pork & mushroom kabob with sherry vinegar
Andrea Curto-Randazzo: Buttermilk-fried chicken w/ Pecan Cheddar waffles & black pepper maple gravy
Ed Cotton: Duo of tuna- tuna confit & grilled tuna w/ avocado & sweet & sour watermelon
Tiffany Derry: Crispy pork roulade w/ prosciutto, dates & red pepper coulis
Amanda Baumgarten: Lamb kabob w/ Heirloom tomatoes & salsa verde
Kenny Gilbert: Tandoori-spiced sockeye salmon & shrimp w/ mango mojito relish
Angelo Sosa: Cucumber cup w/ spiced shrimp & cashew
Stephen Hopcraft: Scallop & beef w/ crispy potato & Bernaise Sauce
Alex Reznik: Scallops w/ crispy bacon, strawberries & basil essence
Kelly Liken: Scallops w/ watermelon & watermelon vinaigrette

BOTTOM THREE: Alex, Ed & Kelly
TOP THREE: Angelo, Kevin & Stephen

The winner of immunity and the money was...

...Angelo, so his winnings doubled to 40 grand!

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #7: At the Palm Restaurant, make a power lunch for their regulars in five teams of two.

The Whole Foods Market shopping budget this week was $300 within a half hour.


1. Amanda & Kelly
2. Andrea & Tiffany
3. Alex & Stephen
4. Angelo & Ed
5. Kenny & Kevin


Kelly: Porterhouse w/ crispy potato-arugula salad & roasted shallot demi-glace
Amanda: NY Steak & Filet Mignon w/ red wine w/ pommes parisienne & arugula
Tiffany: Swordfish w/ olive raisin tapenade, broccolini & bacon
Andrea: Pan-seared Swordfish w/ "risotto-style" couscous, asparagus & beurre blanc- DUD
Stephen: Pan-seared salmon w/ warm vegetable salad & Worcestershire vinaigrette- DUD
Alex: Applewood-smoked salmon w/ Black Forbidden Rice & English pea puree
Angelo: Poached lobster w/ lobster froth, Jicama, arugula & Asian pear salad
Ed: Slow-poached Lobster Ballotine w/ eggplant caviar & English pea-asparagus fricasee
Kenny: Peppered lamb w/ fig-pistachio bread pudding & Vanilla-Morel demi-glace- DUD
Kevin: Double-cut lamb chops w/ olive & goat cheese rissole, mache & tomato concasse- DUD

TOP THREE: Alex (second time), Ed (second time) & Tiffany (third time)

The next EC winner was...

...Alex! That meant his dish would go on said restaurant's menu, and his potrait would go on one of their walls.

THE BOTTOM THREE: Andrea, Kelly & Kevin (third time out of four)

I can tell you right now Kevin was safe, so one of the two women who won the fourth EC was about to fly out of the competition...


...and it was Andrea who joined the one-and-done club. She's going to Barcelona.
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