Thursday, July 08, 2010

"Top Chef" 7/7


Quickfire #4: Make two versions of a dish within 45 minutes- one for the typical adult and the other for both Padma Lakshimi & Tom Colicchio’s children (Tom has an eight-month-old son, while Padma has a two-year-old daughter).

This was the second HIGH-STAKES QUICKFIRE of the season- Padma & Tom each awarded $10,000 to their chosen winner.

Notable dishes:

Alex Reznik: Seared duck w/ basil, spinach & mushrooms
Angelo Sosa: Poached tuna w/ Fenugreek broth, honey, soy sauce & tomatoes
Kelly Liken: Roast pork loin w/ ginger & grilled peaches
Kenny Gilbert: Curried chicken with mango salad & confit of butternut squash & Maitake mushrooms
Kevin Sbraga: Pan-seared duck w/ shallots
Lynne Gigliotti: Chicken w/ orange/yellow peppers, sweet potato & fruit compote
Tamesha Warren: Salmon w/ vegetable chowder, lobster stock, licorice oil & Thai basil
Timothy Dean: Sauteed lamb w/ ginger, mushrooms & shallots

BOTTOM FOUR: Alex, Kelly, Kevin & Timothy
PADMA’S TOP TWO: Angelo & Kenny
TOM’S TOP TWO: Lynne & Tamesha

Let’s see who won the money…

…Kenny (Padma) & Tamesha (Tom)!

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #4: In seven teams of two, make breakfast, lunch & dinner for a Hilton Hotel’s menu. The top two teams during each of the first two rounds were safe, leaving the other three teams cooking for their lives with the dinner courses. Whoever won this challenge got their dish included on the menu.

There were several guest judges- Mike Isabella (one of last season’s contestants), Bryan Voltaggio (last season’s runner-up), Spike Mendelsohn (Season 4 chef), Beth Scott (the vice-president of Hilton’s restaurant concepts) & Nora Pouillon (chef/owner of Restaurant Nora).

At Whole Foods Market, the budget was $200 in a half-hour.

BREAKFAST (a half-hour was put on the clock):

Alex & Ed Cotton: Proscuitto potato cake and egg w/ lemon pancake & Bellini cocktail- TECHNICAL DUD (the cake was left out)
Angelo & Tamesha: Egg & bacon w/ White Cheddar broth
Arnold Myint & Lynne: Tortilla Espanola w/ bacon, chorizo, olive-pear salad & Papas Bravas
Kenny & Kevin: Poached egg on herb brioche w/ prosciutto, manchego & Spanish olive tapenade- DUD (lack of texture)
Amanda Baumgartnen & Stephen Hopcraft: Poached egg w/ pancetta, potato rosti & grape ragout w/ Hollandaise
Andrea Curto-Randazzo & Kelly: Bacon, Cheddar & Whole Wheat Waffle w/ poached egg & mango, lime & mint yogurt smoothie
Tiffany Derry & Tim: Crab Cake Eggs Beneduct w/ asparagus & bacon potato hash in Hollandaise

TOP TWO: Amanda & Stephen and Tiffany & Tim

LUNCH (45 minutes):

Alex & Ed: Sea scallops w/ Ricotta Gnudi & Broccoli Rabe
Angelo & Tamesha: Beef slivers w/ Jicama-Asian pear salad w/ cilantro, mint & Kimchi vinaigrette
Arnold & Lynne: Tuna Cannelloni w/ Forbidden Rice Salad & tomato vinaigrette
Kenny & Kevin: Chickpea Pappardelle Pasta w/ grilled chicken & Tahini Sauce
Andrea & Kelly: Crispy skin red snapper & Panzanella Salad w/ mustard vinaigrette

TOP TWO: Angelo & Tamesha and Alex & Ed


Kenny & Kevin: Braised beef short rib w/ squash, potato, carrot confit & tempura horseradish
Andrea & Kelly: Braised beef short rib w/ polenta, Shiitake mushrooms & citrus gremolata
Arnold & Lynne: Pineapple red curry mussels w/ Squid Ink Pasta & Focaccia

One of these three teams actually won this challenge...

...and it was Andrea & Kelly; that made Kelly the first two-time EC winner this year! They each won a blind choice of two trips- Andrea got a vacation in Barcelona, while Kelly earned the right to go to Venice!

But the two cheftestants cut this week were...

Kenny & Kevin
Arnold & Lynne

...Arnold & Lynne, sending them both home empty-handed.
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