Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Top Shot" 7/25

Team Challenge #7: These three guns will be used in this trick shot challenge- the Winchester Model 1873 (U.S.), Smith & Wesson M & P (1899)(U.S.) & S & W Schofield (1875)(U.S.). At a fairgrounds-like setting, one member of each team will attempt to successfully replicate a trick shot. Each contestant gets three chances to hit their designated target. The first three rounds are worth one point for each successful hit; the last one is worth two per hit. The highest-scoring team wins. Here are the four trick shots:

1. Shooting a glass bottle
2. Driving a nail through a board from 25 feet away
3. Hit a full soda can that's tossed into the air and goes under a rope
4. Same as the third one, except that half a soda can is used

As of this week, when deciding who should sit out for a team, that squad has to make the choices themselves instead of their opponents as it had been in the past. The Blue Team benches Adam Benson & J.J. Racazza.

Round 1:
Peter Palma: SWEEP! (3)
Tara Poremba: SWEEP! (3)

Round 2:
Denny Chapman: SHUTOUT
Chris Cerino: Two (5)

Round 3:
Brad Bengmann: SHUTOUT
Iain Harrison: One (6)

Kelly Bachand: One (5)- LOSS


1. Brad- KELLY
2. Kelly- BRAD
3. Denny- KELLY (2; clinches first EC berth)
4. Peter- BRAD (2; clinches other EC berth)

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #7: This is Kelly's second in a row; both he & Brad are in their third apiece. Using the Beretta Xtrema2 (2004)(Italy), they have to throw and hit clay pigeons. One will be used in the first round, two will go at the same time in Round 2, and so on until the fifth and final round.

Kelly: HIT
Brad: HIT

Kelly: One (2)
Brad: TWO (3)

Kelly: One (3)
Brad: One (4)

Kelly: Three (DOUBLE to 6)
Brad: One (5)

Kelly: Two (8)
Brad: Two (7)- OUT
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