Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Work of Art" 7/21

TASK: Create a piece of art inspired by the memories that first made them an artist using only the materials provided at the Children's Museum of Arts.

Filling in for Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn this week was painter Will Cotton.


1. Abdi Farah- "Straight Line" (this included several different symbols, including some that were sports-related!)
2. Mark Velasquez- "Origin Issue"
3. Peregrine Honig- "Rainbow"
4. Nicole Nadeau- "Surfacing Memories"
5. Ryan Shultz- "Drawn Excavations"
6. Jaclyn Santos- Untitled
7. Miles Mendenhall- "A Complete Roll of Duct Tape Over a 4' X 6' Plane, Accompanied by 3 Rubber Band Balls"

TOP TWO: Nicole & Peregrine

Did Nicole win for the second week in a row?...


BOTTOM THREE: Abdi, Jaclyn (second time) & Ryan (ditto)

The artist that was wiped off the map this time was...


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