Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Big Brother XII" 8/19

Just to clarify something from last night, Saboteur Ragan Fox is NOT eligible to be put back on the eviction block tonight because he won last night's Power of Veto Competition, even though Matt Hoffman will be using his Diamond Power of Veto on this live episode. Because of that, Ragan's made it through his necessary two weeks of Saboteur action and has just won $20,000!

EVICTION #6: Matt replaces himself in the danger zone with...

...Kathy Hillis; this is the second nomination for her this season. And with all of the votes, the second houseguest to join the jury is...


...Kathy. Unless she wins the season-ending most popular houseguest poll, she's leaving with not even a cent.

Head of Household Competition #7 ("Big Brother Says"): Several True/False statements will be read about the many things the PA guy ordered the houseguests to do yesterday.

1. "Jumping jacks are an important part of your physical fitness; hop over to the living room and do 12 of your very best jumping jacks."

Hayden Moss & Ragan both say that's True...NO, so they're eliminated.

2. "You haven't been showing your fellow houseguests much love this season. Give yourselves a giant group hug for two minutes."

Matt Hoffman DOESN'T know that's True, meaning he's out.

3. "To leisurely stroll into the backyard, get down on your hands and knees and bark at the moon."

Everybody's correct with False.

4. "Whereever you can find toilet paper, gather it and teepee the HoH Room like you're back in high school."

Only Lane thinks True, and he's...NOT the HoH for this week of action, because he's incorrect.

5. "Turn your world upside down, so sashe to the backyard and try to hold a handstand for five seconds."

Both are right by knowing that's a False quote.

6. "You all look a little lonely; pretend to make out with an imaginary friend for however long you desire."

They're both wrong with False.

FINAL QUESTION: "Lately, you've all been dogging it. Chase your tail around in a circle until you're so dizzy, you can't stand up."

Britney Haynes: TRUE
Enzo Palumbo: FALSE

The new HoH is...

...with three PoV wins to her credit already, Britney!

Have or Have-Not Food Poll:

1. Anchovies & artichokes
2. Bean dip & broccoli
3. Pimento loaf & prunes

Next week will be the season's first DOUBLE EVICTION EPISODE.
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