Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Big Brother XII" 8/25

Power of Veto Competition #7 ("Big Brother Zoo"): Ragan Fox hosts his second one of the season, and Matt Hoffman gets chosen after Head of Household Britney Haynes pulls out a Houseguest's Choice chip. The six participants are each put in monkey cages and each given 50 veto points to start off. They will be offered prizes in exchange for points off and punishments to add points. Only the first houseguest to buzz in will accept either the prize or the punishment. Whoever has the most points after the 10th question/offer will win the Power of Veto.

1. 5- Hourly chum baths for the next 24 hours
2. 7- Be handcuffed to a houseguest of their choosing for 24 hours
3. -6- Phone call from a loved one
4. 11- The right to be a Have-Not for the rest of the season
5. 6- Shave entire head (male) or dye hair pink (Britney) for the remainder of the season
6. 10- Wear a penguin outfit for a week
7. -11- Trip to Hawaii
8. -8- Have-Not Pass for the remainder of the season
9. How many veto points are you willing to give up in exchange for $5K?
10. 13- Give all clothes in the house (excluding the ones on their back) to charity

The Have-Not Pass was REJECTED. We know that Brendon Villegas' getting his head shaved, Enzo Palumbo took the penguin suit and Hayden Moss accepted the trip & the bonus money. And last, but certainly not least, the winner of this challenge is...

...Brendon- he's the second three-time PoV winner this season! Going in his place at the first eviction ceremony tomorrow night will be...

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