Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Ca$h Cab" 8/11

Episode #1:

The West Fourth Street Basketball Court is where April & Jason are headed on a 37-block ride.

$50 Round:
1. Because they contain anti-oxidants, what North American nuts add a bit of nutrition to New Orleans Pralines?
Guess: Pecans- CORRECT ($50)
2. In 2000, what Internet giant debuted a logo in which a smile of customer satisfaction connects the A to the Z?
Guess: Yahoo!- STRIKE ONE (A:
3. The home of Bluegrass and blue people, what state was found to have suffered from the most depressions last year according to a CDC study?
Guess: Kentucky- RIGHT ($100)
4. What feline-like term refers to the tank-like vehicles used to groom ski trails and trek to the South Pole?
Guess: Snow Cat- RIGHT ($150)

$100 Round:
1. A metaphor for Myopia, what leather accessories are commonly strapped onto carriage horses to restrict their vision?
Mobile Shout-Out: Jason calls Steve, who says blinders.
Guess: Blinders- RIGHT ($250)
2. What globetrotting environmental group originated in 1969 as the Don't Make a Wave Committee?
Guess: Green Peace- RIGHT ($350)
3. Born Leslie Hornby, what local London girl ushered in the era of "stick-thin" supermodels in the 1960s (and was also a former "America's Next Top Model" judge)?
Guess: Twiggy- YOU BET ($450)
FINAL QUESTION: From a Greek word for "light", what elementary particle of energy is a crucial concept of Quantum Physics?
Guess: Electron- INCORRECT (A: Photon)

After that, they walk in order to shoot some "cash hoops".

In the middle game of this episode, Emily & Mok have 30 miles to get to the Barney's located on Madison & 60th. They get their first three questions right...but then miss the following three to LOSE (their first strike came on a bad Street Shout-Out while in the Upper East Side).

At night, Doug, Mary & Ugush travel 48 miles to the Comedy Closet. They get strike one on their second $50 question about "Battlestar Galactica", then they activate their MSO on their last $50 question. They choose to call Mary's boyfriend Fung, and here's their question:

Designed to minimize drag, what company's laser racer suit helped break 23 swimming records at the Beijing Olympics?
Guess (thanks to Fung): Speedo- CORRECT ($150)

$100 Round:
1. In one of the most popular viral videos of 2007, prison inmates from the Phillipines re-enact what iconic music video made famous by the late Michael Jackson?
Guess: "Thriller"- RIGHT ($250)
2. According to its first leader, what strategic alliance was founded to keep the Russians out, the Americans in and the Germans down?
Guess: NATO- RIGHT ($350)
3. More extreme than the comparative, what objectible form is exemplified in the phrase "best and the brightest"?
Guess: Superlative- YES INDEED ($450)
4. The world's largest transmission repair franchise, what five-letter company often toots its own horn in its ads (and was part of some Conan O' Brien skits)?
Guess: AAMCO- RIGHT ($550)

$200 Round:
1. A type of technology used to propel trains without using wheels, MAGLEV is short for what two-word phrase?
Guess: Magnetic levitation- RIGHT AGAIN ($750)
FINAL QUESTION: What period of English history began in 1660 when Charles II returned to his throne after an extended interruption?
SSO #2 (at their target in Greenwich Village): The male stranger guesses the Victorian period.
Guess: Victorian- NO (A: The Restoration)

But they still can still leave with $1,500 if they're right about this:

VIDEO BONUS: For most of the year, this Caribbean island was either preparing for or recovering from its famed Carnivale celebration. The birthplace of Calypso music and the Limbo, what's the name of this festive West Indies island?

I moaned at their guess of Trinidad...because I thought for sure it was Rio de Janiero, but they're actually RIGHT for the $1.5K!


Episode #2:

The Chelsea Market's located at Ninth & 16th, and the couple of Heather & Jeff need to make it there 32 blocks.

$50 Round:
1. Adding bad manners to his sins, Judist is depicted with an elbow on the table in what famous Da Vinci Fresco?
Guess: "The Last Supper"- CORRECT ($50)
2. Challenging India's claim to the Cashmere region, what country moved its capital to Islamabad in the '60s?
Guess: Pakistan- RIGHT ($100)

3. Often used for indentation, what typewriter key was introduced to avoid the inneccessant tapping of the space bar (and was also the name of a former soda made by The Coca-Cola Company)?
Guess: Return- STRIKE ONE (A: Tab)
4. Three years before splitting with Alan Colmes, what Fox News host founded an online dating service for conservative singles?
Guess: Sean Hannity- RIGHT ($150)

$100 Round:
1. In Mathematics, what's the term for the four regions created by the X and Y axises?
MSO #3: Being put on the line by Heather is Mike, who BLANKS OUT.
Guess: Vertex- STRIKE TWO (A: Quadrants)
2. Depicting Monticello on one side, what U.S. coin cost 9.7 cents per unit to mint and distribute in 2007?
Guess: Nickel- CORRECT ($250)
3. Called a "Porty" for short, what breed of dog became the famous first pooch of the Obama family last year?
Guess: Portugese Waterdog- RIGHT ($350)
4. Once traded under the symbol GCTY, what web-hosting service once referred to its users as Homesteaders?
Guess: Yahoo!- LOSS (A: Geocities)

We move on to a solo male player named Greg, who has to make it 43 blocks to 46th between Eighth & Ninth. He sweeps the $50 Round.

$100 Round:
1. In 2001, what Afgany cave complex made headlines as the rumored hideout of Osama Bin Laden?
Guess: Tora Bora- CORRECT ($300)
RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: Second only to Russia, Germany shares a border with more nations than any other European state. Name seven of the nine German neighbors.
Correct countries given: France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg...& Poland ($550; he got it at the buzzer)(Not given: Czech Republic & Denmark)
2. The key to knocking down castle doors, what swinging war machine consisted of a large log suspended from a wooden frame?
Guess: Battering ram- YES INDEED ($650)

3. The subject of much debate, what illness is characterized by diffused pain in the confusion known as Fibro Fog?
Guess: Fibromyalgia- RIGHT ($750)
4. In their famous 1959 debate, Richard Nixon & what Soviet Premier managed to agree on their dislike of Jazz music (and was also the answer that won Geoff Wolinetz $250K on "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader")?
Guess: Nikita Khrushchev- RIGHT AGAIN ($850)

$200 Round:
1. Named for its two creators, what popular personality test separates the ESTJs from the INFPs?
Guess: Myers-Briggs Typology- RIGHT AGAIN ($1,050)
2. Rejecting the concept of The Trinity, what progressive Protestant denomination has its roots in 16th Century Transylvania?
Guess: Unitarian Univeralism- RIGHT AGAIN ($1,250)
3. From the Latin for "interest", what illegal practice is often linked to predatory loan sharks?
Guess: Usury- RIGHT YET AGAIN ($1,450)
4. Also the 23rd letter of the Greek Alphabet, what term is now synonymous with paranormal powers of perception?
Guess: Psi- RIGHT ONCE AGAIN ($1,650)
FINAL QUESTION: With holes for the head & the arms, what Medieval punishment device kept prisoners in the public eye?
Guess: Stocks- WINS $1,850!

He does NOT go for the VB, though.

Armodtyl, Clayton, Steve & Trudy close out the nightcap w/ a 31-block trip to Ninth between 51st & 52nd...and thanks to Clayton's friend Stephen bailing them out with an MSO on their very last regulation question to save them from a strikeout and earn $450. They then try this VB to possibly make it $900:

VIDEO BONUS #2: According to Napoleon, this iconic Italian Piazza may be the finest drawing room in all of Europe. Flooded with tourists, pigeons & occasional high tides, what's the name of this famous square?

They nail San Marco for the nine Benjamins!

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