Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Masterchef" 8/18

First Challenge: Mystery Box Challenge w/ 45 minutes on the clock.

Top Three Dishes:

Sheena Zadeh: Brandy-infused chocolate mousse w/ candied lemon peel
Jake Gondolfo: Rustic Country Pork Chop w/ cabbage & apple compote
Whitney Miller: Southern-fried pork chop w/ coleslaw

The winner of this test got to choose the main ingredient in the second challenge, as well as get five minutes to herself at the pantry (everybody else only got half that amount of time as a group)...

...and it was Whitney!

INVENTION TEST: With the category of Chinese, her choices were Shittake mushrooms, Mandarin oranges & duck. She picked the oranges, and one hour was given to cook the dishes. The bottom three chefs here were in danger of being eliminated.


Whitney: Mandarin orange chicken w/ vegetable stir-fry
Slim Huynh: Chinese-spiced chicken w/ Mandarin Orange Sauce
Avis White: Chinese orange chicken w/ vegetable stir-fry
Tony Carbone: Wok-fried chicken w/ stir-fried broccoli
David Miller: Spicy orange chicken w/ steamed vegetables & rice
Sheetal Bhagat: Pan-fried chicken w/ Bok Choy egg rolls
Jenna Hamiter: Asian orange stir-fry
Tracy Naylor: Ginger Mandarin Chicken w/ vegetables
Sharone Hakman: Crispy sesame chicken w/ bok choy, snow peas & Mandarin five-spice glaze
Sheena: Warm Mandarin salad w/ pickled cabbage
Faruq Jenkins: Stuffed chicken w/ Chinese vegetables & Mandarin Hoisin Sauce
Mike Kim: Nutty orange chicken w/ peppers- WIN!

Mike earned the advantage in the next challenge.

BOTTOM THREE: Avis, Faruq & Sheena

Believe it or not, there was a DOUBLE ELIMINATION thanks in part to a very slow start on the first seven dish presentations in this challenge. The first two Top 14 casualties were...

...Avis & Sheena.

Team Challenge: At Camp Pennington, two teams of six had to make an entree w/ two side dishes and a dessert in a three-hour time frame and serve it all to 400 Marines. The losing team had to take a Pressure Test.

TEAMS (chosen by Mike):

Blue Team: Mike, Jake, Lee Knaz, Tracy, Tony & Sheetal
Red Team: Whitney, Slim, David, Jenna, Sharone & Faruq


BT: Apple raisin stuffed pork loin w/ natural jus, roasted corn salad, creamy garlic scalloped potatoes & Red, White & Blue Napoleon
RT: Marinated grilled skirt steak w/ savory BBQ sauce, Bacon & Potato Au Gratin, roasted vegetables w/ fresh herbs & apple turnover

Thanks probably to the other team running out of potatoes & veggies to serve, the winners were...

...the BT!

PRESSURE TEST: There was a Texas-style chili with 20 ingredients in it. Each cheftestant had to name as many of them as possible after tasting the chili; making a mistake at any point ended their turn. The person who named the fewest was out.

Whitney: Onions, celery, green bell peppers, tomatoes, beans, Jalapeno peppers, beef, garlic, beef stock, salt, cilantro, oil, chili powder

Faruq: Celery, onions, green bell peppers, tomatoes, beans, beef, jalapenos, salt, garlic, parsley

Jenna: Beef, onions, celery, green bell peppers, garlic, salt, tomatoes, chili powder

Slim: Celery, beans, onions, tomatoes, salt, jalapenos, minced garlic & beef

David: Beef, celery, tomatoes, beans, green bell peppers, onions, garlic & salt

Sharone: Celery, beans, onions, tomatoes, green bell peppers, jalapenos, salt & cumin- JENNA ELIMINATED
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