Monday, August 16, 2010

"Money Hungry" 8/16

Challenge #2 ("Chubby Runner"): In a grown-up version of Ring Around the Rosie, each team's members will be tethered to one another. To eliminate a team, they have to run up to the team in front of them and remove their attached money flag. There are two preliminary heats- the winning team from each of those meet in the winners' heat to determine who wins the challenge, and the first team eliminated in the first two heats will battle it out in the losers' heat to find out who will be in this week's bottom two.

Preliminary Heat #1: Grading Curves vs. Rocker Moms vs. A Pair of Nuts vs. Mission Slimpossible vs. Double Chocolate
WINNERS: Mission Slimpossible
LOSERS: Double Chocoate

Preliminary Heat #2: Chicago Deep Dish vs. Flabulous vs. Slenderellas vs. No Excuses vs. The Regulators
WINNERS: No Excuses
LOSERS: Flabulous

And now, for the final results of this challenge...

...after getting immunity from last week's Big Heavies, A Pair of Nuts, Mission Slimpossible becomes the BHs this week; likewise, they give the other immunity pass to the same team! Flabulous, however, LOSES this challenge and may be eliminated.


Mission Slimpossible: 475 lbs, nine pounds lost, 1.86%

A Pair of Nuts: 516 lbs, nine pounds lost, 1.71%

Flabulous: 614 lbs, 10 pounds lost, 1.6%

Chicago Deep Dish: 423 lbs, five pounds lost, 1.17%

Slenderellas: 574 lbs, seven pounds lost, 1.2%

Double Chocolate: 423 lbs, four pounds lost, .94%

Grading Curves: 467 lbs, nine pounds lost, 1.89%

The Regulators: 781 lbs, 18 pounds lost, 2.25%

The last two teams are BOTH in danger of being knocked out of the competition, because they each got five votes.

No Excuses: 595 lbs, 12 pounds lost, 1.98%

The Rocker Moms need to have lost at least eight pounds to advance to the next episode. If they lost at least 11 pounds, they'll win this Weigh-In...

Rocker Moms: 450 lbs, six pounds lost, 1.32%

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