Sunday, August 29, 2010

RECAP: "Dog Park Superstars"

First Challenge ("Air Ball"): The dog owners have two minutes to place four tennis balls on the red air streams before their dogs can knock them out of the air. After each ball is knocked down, the owners can reset them. The successful knockdowns are all worth 10 points each.

1. Ernest (an actor from Detroit who formerly was on "The Jeffersons") & Kobee (a one-year-old Boxer mix)- 50

2. Betty (an account representative & dog trainer from Laguna Niguel, CA that loves wine tastings) & Nala (a 2.5 year-old American Bulldog)- 10

3. Lauren (a chocolate company executive and an accomplished snowboarder from Aspen, CO) & Keir (a three-year-old Doberman Pinscher)- 100

4. Michael (a software product manager and an extreme sports junkie from San Diego) & Abbie (a female Australian Kelpie who's four years old)- WIPEOUT

5. Michelle (a glass mosaic artist from Greensboro, NC that can speak five different languages) & Bob (an Australian cattle dog who's 10 years old)- 90

Second Challenge ("Dog Bowling"): The teams have two minutes to toss balls in a red, white & blue order at a board of dog balls with various sizes and point values- the green one is worth 10, the blue is worth 25, the yellow is worth 50 and the three reds on top are each worth 100. The dog owners have to be inside the hula hoop in order for a shot to count. After this challenge, the lowest-scoring team is eliminated.

1. Lauren & Keir- 300 (400)

2. Betty & Naia- 125 (135)

3. Ernest & Kobee- 150 (200)

4. Michelle & Bob- 175 (265)

5. Michael & Abbie- 260; BETTY & NAIA ELIMINATED

Third Challenge ("Swishes & Dunks"): While in a dunk tank, the dog owners have two minutes to squeak and shoot hedgehog toys at a basketball hoop at 10 points apiece. But if their dogs cross the red line or leaves the playing field at any time, their owners will get dunked and lose valuable time. Like the last challenge, the last-place team after this challenge will be out of this game.

1. Lauren & Keir- 60 (460)

2. Michelle & Bob- 150 (415)

3. Michael & Abbie- 330 (590)

4. Ernest & Kobee- 170 (370)

FINAL CHALLENGE ("Dog N' Ball Run")- While going through an obstacle course, each team has three minutes to collect as many tennis balls as they can from some launchers, red weave poles, the Dutch Door and the blue weave poles before the dogs get a chance to jump a couple hurdles. Each successfully deposited tennis ball at the end of the course is worth 10 points, and the hurdles are also worth 10 apiece. Whoever has the highest overall score after this is done will become the champions.

1. Michael & Abbie- 230 (820)

2. Michelle & Bob- 360 (775)

That means Lauren & Keir need at least 37 balls to win the golden fire hydrant...

...and after three runs of the course, THEY DO SO RIGHT ON THE MONEY!
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