Wednesday, August 04, 2010

"Top Chef" 8/4

Quickfire #8: Make a dish inspired by Ethiopia in 90 minutes.

The guest judge of this challenge is the second "Top Chef Master", Marcus Samuelsson!


Kevin Sbraga: Braised chicken with chickpeas, cucumber-mint salad & yogurt
Stephen Hopcraft: Stew with lamb meatballs & yogurt sauce
Alex Reznik: Beef & lamb tongue stew w/ caggage & potatoes
Kelly Liken: Leg of lamb wat w/ cauliflower, yogurt & mint puree
Amanda Baumgarten: Stewed goat on grilled Injera
Kenny Gilbert: Duo of lamb: Meat loaf & rib-eye w/ curry & Dukkah spice
Angelo Sosa: Berbere-spiced Doro Wat w/ egg, mango yogurt & mint on steamed Injera
Ed Cotton: Stewed lamb & beef tripe w/ cauliflower, chickpeas & braised greens
Tiffany Derry: Beef goulash w/ poached egg, currants, peppers & yogurt

BOTTOM THREE: Alex, Kevin & Stephen
TOP THREE: Amanda, Angelo & Tiffany

Immunity is awarded to...

...Tiffany! I believe immunity is OUT OF PLAY for the rest of this season after tonight, however.

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #8: Create a dish inspired by a different country within two hours.

This week's shopping budget at Whole Foods Market is $200 within 30 minutes, and the guest judge here is Jose Andres. The winner of this wins a $10K bonus and a donation in their name to Jose's charity.


Alex (Spain): Braised veal w/ red wine sauce, olive salad & torta
Amanda (France): Beef Bourguignon w/ Pommes Fourchette & horseradish mousse
Angelo (Japan): Sashimi of tuna ribbons w/ avocado & candied wasabi
Ed (China): Tea-smoked duck breast w/ crispy pot stickers
Kelly (Italy): Beef Carpaccio w/ a shaved spring vegetable salad
Kenny (Thailand): Tamarind-braised pork w/ rice noodle salad & Thai green curry
Kevin (India): Stewed chicken w/ curry, parsnip & leek puree
Stephen (Brazil): Marinated flank steak w/ pork, beans & rice
Tiffany (Mexico): Chicken tamales

TOP THREE: Kelly (second time), Kevin (third time) & Tiffany (fourth time)

The winner of this challenge and the bonus money is...

...Tiffany- she's the second cheftestant this season to SWEEP an episode!

THE BOTTOM THREE: Alex, Ed (second time) & Stephen (fourth time)

The chef who will NOT advance to Restaurant Wars next week is...


...Stephen, and he's leaving with NOTHING.
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