Sunday, August 01, 2010

"Top Shot" 8/1

Team Challenge #8: Using a modern throwing knife based on the historic Bowie Knife, one member at a time, both teams have to hit all six wooden targets while walking down a balance beam that's in a mud pit. Whoever does it faster wins. On each contestant's turn, they will get two chances to throw a knife.

Sitting out for the Blue Team are Blake Miguez, Chris Cerino & Tara Poremba. The other half of this team finishes in 3:05...

...and by five seconds, they BEAT the Red Team AGAIN!


1. Peter Palma- DENNY
2. Kelly Bachand- DENNY (clinches first EC berth)
3. Denny Chapman- PETER (he will be Denny's opponent)

Before we get to this week's very crucial challenge, we have an unfortunate announcement to make- because of a family emergency regarding her father, Tara has decided to WITHDRAW from the show.

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #8: With the modern slingshot in play, the two marksmen at risk are shooting at a board of 8', 10' & 12' tiles, located 20 feet away. Both will have 20 marbles and a minute to hit as many of them as possible; whoever hits more of them stays in the game.


Denny: Yellow
Peter: Orange

By a score of 7-5, the last shooter headed to solo mode is...



Starting next week, everybody will be wearing green outfits. Only four will make it to the championship round in two weeks.
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