Saturday, September 25, 2010

"America's Next Top Model" 9/22

The good news this week is that the models were getting their makeovers. The bad news- this was a DOUBLE ELIMINATION EPISODE, and this woman was eliminated shortly after she got her makeover...

...Terra White, after being in the bottom two last week.

PHOTO SHOOT #2: Pose as fallen angels while on the beach with a given emotion & men surrounding them.

Guest Judge: Patricia Field
Photographer: Anne Menke


1. Esther Petrack (Fearless)
2. Liz Williams (Power/victory)
3. Kayla Ferell (Evil)
4. Sara Blackamore (Seductive)
5. Kacey Leggett (Rebellious)
6. Rhianna Atwood (Hopeless/sultry)
7. Chelsey Hershley (Mysterious)
8. Chris White (Heartbroken)
9. Jane Randall (Scorned)
10. Kendal Brown (Desire)
11. Ann Ward (Longing)
12. Lexie Tomchek (Predatorial)

WINNER: Ann (second week in a row!)
BOTTOM TWO: Lexie & Sara

The other model that went home this week was...



Next week's guest judge will be Matthew Rolston.
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