Friday, September 17, 2010


FIRST TASK OF THE SEASON: Build an ultra-modern workplace.

Fortitude (Women): Nicole Chiu (Donald Jr.)
Octane (Men): Gene Folkes (Ivanka)

THE RESULTS: The decision was extremely close, because NEITHER team did that well. The winners were...

...Octane! Gene got to meet privately with Donald Trump, Sr. as a result!

BOARDROOM: Nicole was already in serious trouble because most of the team thought she did NOT lead them well at all, especially Tyana Alvarado; furthermore, Nicole was in charge of their workspace's design. Brandy Kuentzel thought Nicole was taking The Big Risk by becoming their first PM. With all that being said, Nicole was FIRED over Mahsa Saedi-Azcuy & Tyana, but she would receive an interview at the Miss Universe Pageant.
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