Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Big Brother"- 12TH SEASON FINALE

It was really unfortunate Britney Haynes wasn't competing for the $500,000 on this night, because I regret to inform you that HER HOUSE GOT BURNED DOWN EARLIER THIS WEEK. OUCH. But to help her out with getting a new house, in addition to the $10K she won a little while ago, she won the $25K from the popularity poll!

FINAL ROUND OF THE LAST HoH COMPETITION: With Enzo Palumbo out of this, Hayden Moss & Lane Elenburg were playing this for a possible psychological advantage in the final vote.

Rachel Reilly: "My favorite moment in the house was..."

A: "...falling in love with Brendon"
B: "...every time I won a competition"

They both said A, which was correct.

Kathy Hillis: "The most shocking moment in the house was..."

A: "...when Matt put me on the block with the Diamond Power of Veto"
B: "...when Rachel returned for 24 hours"

They were both right again with B.

Matt Hoffman: "The fatal error I made in the house was..."

A: "...trusting the brigade"
B: "...throwing my last HoH Competition"

They were both 3 for 3 with B.

Brendon Villegas: "The moment in the house that I'm afraid my friends/family will see is..."

A: "...when I went off on Britney & Ragan in the hammock"
B: "...when I threw the bowling ball at Jeff & Jordan"

This time, A was locked in by both...right once again.

Ragan Fox: "The houseguest who I think needs a reality check the most is..."

A: "...Brendon, because he was willing to give his waitress a half a million dollar tip"
B: "...Rachel, because she's as phony as her nasty hair extensions"

The correct answer streak for both was broken here, as they were incorrect with Rachel.

Britney: "The funniest moment in the house this summer was..."

A: "...when Kathy got stuck in the caramel"
B: "...Rachel & Ragan's fight"

NEITHER one came up with the right answer of B.

SUDDEN DEATH: In part one of this same HoH Competition, how many times were the three semi-finalists slammed into the wall?

Hayden: 91
Lane: 55

Enzo left with an HDTV.


Rachel: LANE


Matt: HAYDEN (2)

Brendon: LANE (2)

Ragan: HAYDEN (3)

If Hayden got this next vote, he took home a total of $505K and a Hawaiian vacation...

Britney: LANE (3)

...NO, so the voting went all the way. Enzo wound up deciding it all, and Lane would either go home with $51K or $501K. With all that being mentioned, the winner of the 2010 season of "Big Brother" was...


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