Wednesday, September 01, 2010

"Big Brother XII" 9/1

Power of Veto Competition #9 ("Otev the Broadway Clam"): In each round, said clam will sing a song about two houseguests, and the correct answer will be a compound of those two names on a CD. If s/he brings back an incorrect CD, that contestant is automatically eliminated from this challenge. Otherwise, the last player to bring back the right CD in each round is eliminated.

Like the last PoV Competition, this is Sudden Death for Ragan Fox.

1. "Monatt" (Monet & Matt)

1. Britney Haynes
2. Enzo Palumbo
3. Hayden Moss
ELIMINATED: Lane Elenburg ("Mochel")

2. "Rasten" (Rachel & Kristen)

1. Enzo
2. Britney
3. Ragan

3. "Mathy" (Matt & Kathy)

1. Ragan
2. Enzo

FINAL SONG TITLE: "Randrew" (Ragan & Andrew)

Ragan needs to win or else...

...BUT ENZO BEATS HIM TO THE PUNCH ON THE FINAL RUN. That means Hayden goes up in Enzo's place, but it's not going to matter, as Ragan will leave the house with $20,000 and become the season's fifth jury member tomorrow night.

Incidentally, their second Pandora's Box punishment this week is that for the next 12 hours, every time somebody spoke, they had to use a sock puppet. Failure to do so at any time meant everybody became Have-Nots for the rest of the week...but that thankfully didn't happen.

Their last 12-hour punishment was to dance every time they heard some music and keep doing so until it stopped. Failure by anybody not only resulted in them all being declared Have-Nots, but the pool table would be removed from the house...and they survived that also.
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