Wednesday, September 08, 2010

"Big Brother XII" 9/8

Final Power of Veto Competition ("BB Premiere"): There were eight clues on both the top and bottom rows, with each pair of clues relating to a pair of different houseguests from the past. Each team card was double-sided, so everybody had to be careful in placing the correct answers. Whoever did so first and hits their buzzer won the last chance this season to use the Golden Power of Veto.

Top Clues:
1. Played in only two PoV Competitions
2. On losing team in first Have or Have-Not Competition
3. On slowest team in "BB Cop Course"
4. Wore a hot dog costume
5. Head of Household twice
6. Evicted by 7-2 vote
7. Correctly spelled a nine-letter word in "Cinco de Mayo"
8. Wore the Hippie-tard

Bottom Clues:
1. Seventh evicted
2. Drank two bad shots for The Lawmen
3. Hosted "Cinco de Mayo"
4. Folded four times in "Veto of Fortune"
5. Was a Have-Not twice
6. Opened Pandora's Box
7. First Saboteur
8. A Have-Not during the week where baby food & Bok Choy was served

1. Monet & Matt
2. Kathy & Ragan
3. Kristen & Annie
4. Andrew & Rachel
5. Matt & Kathy
6. Monet & Matt
7. Rachel & Annie
8. Kristen & Andrew

This was Sudden Death for Britney Haynes. She must have won this or else...

...SADLY, SHE DIDN'T, SO SHE WAS AUTOMATICALLY EVICTED BY ENZO PALUMBO. The winner was Hayden Moss, which made him the only HoH to win a PoV Competition all season long. But Britney will still be leaving with at least $10,000.

FINAL HoH COMPETITION: The first part is called "Rumble in the BB Jungle". Whoever hangs on to their vine the longest earns a bye into the final round.
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