Thursday, September 09, 2010

"Big Brother XII" 9/9

Enzo Palumbo was eliminated first during the vine challenge after 19:14 had elapsed. The winner of that with a total time of two hours and 35 minutes was...

...Hayden Moss, giving him the bye!

Stage 2 ("It's Alive"): Both Enzo & Lane Elenburg will see five "Frankenstein" pictures, which combine the faces of two different evicted houseguests. Whoever correctly identifies up the most pairs the fastest before buzzing in within a two-minute time limit will advance to the final part of this all-important Head of Household Competition during next week's championship show.


1. Andrew & Kathy
2. Britney & Matt
3. Brendon & Rachel
4. Kristen & Monet
5. Annie & Ragan

Lane gets them all right in 1:13. Let's see how Enzo fares...

...HE COMPLETES IT HALF A MINUTE TOO LATE. It looks like he'll be the last member of the jury, and the last stage between Hayden & Lane will pretty much be played for pride.
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