Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Hair Battle Spectacular" 9/28

Check-Up From the Neck-Up #7 (and this might be the last one this season): Create a fantasy hair hat design within three hours. The special power for winning this one is a Stickup card, which will allow a stylist to take away an hour of another's Glam Slam prep time and add it to their own.

Jasmaine "Minista": Sexy Leather Glam
Nate "Tsunami": Luxurious Faux Pas
Sexi Lexi: Fun in the Sun
Moira "Fingaz": Socialite Does Cocktails

The winner of this challenge is...


GLAM SLAM #7: Make a hairstyle that includes an invention that has to light up in a five-hour time limit.

Their shopping budget at a lighting store tonight is $50.

Guest Judge: B. Scott (multimedia maven)


Tsunami: Hair stylist cyborg
Fingaz: Futuristic converter
Minista: Video game
Sexi Lexi: Time travel vortex

Tsunami does a Stickup on...Minista.


1. Fingaz vs. Minista
FINALIST #1: Fingaz, 2-1 (Derek J & Lindsay)

2. Sexi Lexi vs. Tsunami
FINALIST #2: Tsunami, 2-1 (Derek J & B. Scott)

And the last stylist to fall short of competing for the big money is...

Sexi Lexi

...Minista. As for Tsunami, he's won his second consecutive GS (and third overall)!

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