Wednesday, September 22, 2010



Antonia Boregman (Chicago)- Line cook
Boris Poleschuk (Brooklyn)- Catering chef
Emily Kutchins (Chicago)- Executive chef for a senior home
Gail Novenario (Wantagh, NY)- Executive chef
Jillian Flathers (Pagosa Springs, CO)- Sous chef
Lewis Curtis (Beebe, AR)- Executive chef
Lisa LaFranca (Brooklyn)- Corporate food director
Louis Repucci (Diamond Bar, CA)- Children's camp chef
Melissa Doney (Albany)- Executive sous chef
Nona Sivley (Ft. Worth)- Sous chef
Raj Brandston (Queens, NY)- Personal chef
Rob McCue (Massapequa, NY)- Law firm chef
Russell Kook II (Madison, WI)- Sous chef
Sabrina Brimhall (Moreno Valley, CA)- Prep chef
Trev McGrath (Chicago)- Line cook/bartender
Vinny Accardi, Jr. (Queens)- Line cook

Maitre' D Jean-Phillipe Susilovic is NO LONGER on the show; he has be replaced by James Lukanic. This season's champion will become the head chef at L.A. Live inside the J.W. Marriott Hotel, as well as a spokesperson for Rosemount Estate Wines.

Signature Dish Challenge:

Emily: Duck breast w/ grape & walnut compost
Russell: Grilled calamari

Nona: Fried chicken w/ asparagus
Vinny: Poached Halibut
WINNER: Vinny (2)

Antonia: Mardi Gras Gumbo
Curtis: Lemon pepper chicken

Melissa: Urban vegetable-stuffed chicken w/ herb cream sauce
Rob: Pistachio-crusted rack of lamb
WINNER: Melissa (2)

After seven rounds, the Men lead 3-2.

Sabrina (who nearly got evicted very early for looking too bored in front of Chef Ramsay): Potato fish w/ grilled endive & blood orange fennel salad w/ brown butter vinaigrette
Raj: Seafood & vegetable pancake
WINNER: Sabrina (3)
WINNERS OF THIS CHALLENGE: Men (due to Antonia's EPIC FAIL, which made Chef Ramsay throw up!)

The guys get to drink in a private room, but the ladies have to clean up the kitchen.

Just before we get to the real good stuff, Antonia FAINTS in the back of the building and has to be taken to the hospital...and is later MEDICALLY DISQUALIFIED.

FIRST DINNER SERVICE: Serving mini pizzas to start off this service are Emily & Raj, but Raj stumbles right away. Trev makes a DUD salad. The guests for this service include "Wild Recon" host Donald Schultz and Grammy-winning singer Michelle Branch. After Chef Ramsay tells Melissa she cooked a raw piece of meat, Louis mocks Chef Ramsay's call of "Raw!" and gets scolded. Lisa struggles cooking some scallops, and Sabrina forgets a piece of Halibut in somebody's order. NOBODY wins this service.

ELIMINATION: Lisa, Raj, Sabrina & Trev get the first nominations of the season...

...and Lisa is cut.

Second Challenge: Re-create nine pieces of either some sushi or Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto's Tuna Nigiri, as well as five pieces of salmon roll, within 10 minutes. The winning team gets to keep the sushi knives that they will use during this challenge, as well as earn the right to dine at Cellar 360 in S.F.

1. Melissa & Gail- WIPEOUT
2. Nona & Jillian- Eight
3. Emily & Sabrina- Seven (15)

1. Louis & Rob- Four
2. Russell & Raj- Four
3. Boris & Vinny- Eight; WIN AT 16!

The Women are forced to prep the sushi for the upcoming service.

DINNER SERVICE #2: Jillian & Vinny are deemed the assistant Maitre 'Ds here; however, Vinny takes about a half hour just to get the first meal ticket in, and Raj's stalling a lot. Also hurting the Men is Curtis with plenty of BAD sushi. While she's cooking some good Halibut, Nona gets thrown off course because somebody else on the Women cooked some raw beef. Midway in the service, Vinny's continued waiter problems results in him being BENCHED for the rest of this service. Needless to say, the Women win!

ELIMINATION #2: Boris & Raj are voluntarily nominated, and Chef Ramsay also nominates Curtis & Vinny. The next chef to be sent home is...

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