Thursday, September 02, 2010

"MasterChef" 9/1

Mystery Box Test #3: While most of the ingredients were outside the box, a live crab was inside the box. One hour was put on the clock.

Sheetal Bhagat got upset early on because she was being forced to kill a crab by cooking it.

Top Three:

Sharone Hakman: Dungeness crab cucumber roll with apple ginger reduction
Lee Knaz: Dungeness crab salad w/ fresh avocado & gazpacho andalouse sauce
Sheetal: Tomato & crab curry

The winner, with the best-tasting dish to date on this show, was...


INVENTION TEST #3: With the category of Romance, Lee's ingredient choices were chocolate (which was something he was NOT hoping for), passion fruit & Burrata cheese. He picked the fruit.

Notable dishes:

Sharone: Porcini-crusted tenderloin w/ candied passion fruit rind
Jake Gondolfo: Sexy Seared Filet Mignon w/ roasted rainbow beet salad & passion fruit vinaigrette
Whitney Miller: Passion fruit-glazed shrimp w/ salad- BOTTOM TWO
Tracy Naylor: Beef tenderloin over fingerling potatoes
Slim Huynh: Passion fruit fondue w/ lamb, shrimp & fruit- ELIMINATED (and Joe Bastianich even threw her entire dish away!)
Mike Kim: Beef Tataki w/ passion fruit ponzu
David Miller: Spicy saffron shrimp w/ passion fruit salsa
Lee: Tenderloin & prawns w/ parsnip & cauliflower puree & passion fruit glaze- WIN!

Team Challenge #3: At an upscale Malibu country club, two teams of four had to cook the following for 230 guests at a wedding- a Caesar Salad w/ a goat cheese tartlet and a Surf & Turf w/ mashed potatoes, fried onions & steamed vegetables

Blue Team: Lee, Jake, Mike & Tracy
Red Team: David, Sharone, Sheetal & Whitney

The winning team was...

...the RT!

PRESSURE TEST #3: Everybody on the BT now had 90 minutes to cook a pasta dish, and there would be a DOUBLE ELIMINATION afterwards.

Tracy: Ravoli Bolognese
Jake: Stuffed calamari w/ Marinara over fresh Fettuccine
Mike: Fettuccine w/ roasted peppers & mushroom cream sauce
Lee: Roasted eggplant ravioli w/ caper berry sauce

The two cheftestants that didn't make it to the penultimate episode were...

...Jake & Tracy.
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