Monday, September 20, 2010

"Money Hungry" 9/20

Challenge #7 ("Layer Cake"): Re-assemble a five-layer cake exactly, one layer at a time (and under the condition that a larger layer can't be placed on top of a smaller one.

Only the Big Heavies this week will get immunity...

...and they are Mission Slimpossible for the second straight week (and third overall)! Flabulous loses their second challenge of the season.


Mission Slimpossible: 443 lbs, FIVE POUNDS GAINED, +1.14%

Flabulous: 593 lbs, two pounds lost (both by Phillip), .34%

Grading Curves: 436 lbs, 14 pounds lost, 3.11%

The Regulators: 747 lbs, 12 pounds lost (Dave lost nine of them), 1.61%

The Slenderellas get voted into the Danger Zone for the second straight week. This time, all they need to lose to stay in the game is two pounds...

Slenderellas: 549 lbs, nine pounds lost, 1.61%

...and they do so no problem! That knocks Flabulous out of this competition.
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