Monday, September 27, 2010

"Money Hungry" 9/27

This episode will decide who will compete in next week's 90-minute finale, and there will be one last house vote tonight.

Challenge #8 ("Spare Tire"): While going through a car maze, they have to stuff all nine of their spare tires in the back of their mini SUV and close the door.

The Big Heavies turn out to be...

...the Grading Curves! The Regulators, however, finish DEAD LAST and could fall just short of the finale.


Grading Curves: 433 lbs, three pounds lost, .69%

The Regulators: 718 lbs, 17 pounds lost (Dave lost nine of them), 2.31%

Mission Slimpossible: 422 lbs, 16 pounds lost (Mark lost 10 of them), 3.65%

To be in the finals, The Slenderellas need to have lost at least 13 pounds...

The Slenderellas: 540 lbs, nine pounds lost, 1.64%

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