Thursday, September 02, 2010

Next "Amazing Race" teams announced

Brook Roberts (San Diego) & Claire Champlin (Reno, NV)- Home shopping hosts (Brook's also a former Miss Oregon)
Nick DeCarlo & Vicki Casciola (Henderson, NV)- Dating couple (Nick's a bartender, while Vicki's a hairstylist)
Ron Kellum (L.A.) & Tony Stovall (Tucson, AZ)- Ron's a choreographer/director, while Tony's a doctoral student at the University of Arizona
Kevin & Michael Wu (Sugar Land, TX)- Father/son; Kevin's a student & Internet entertainer, while Michael's a software consultant & content creator
Chad Waltrip & Stephanie Smith (Fort Lauderdale, FL)- Dating; Chad's an operations manager, while Stephanie's a hairstylist and a former Miss South Carolina
Kat Chang (Santa Monica) & Nat Strand (Scottsdale, AZ)- Doctors
Gary (Morganfield, KY) & Mallory Ervin (Lexington, KY)- Father/daughter; Gary's a entrepreneur, while Mallory's a former Miss Kentucky
Connor Diemand-Yauman (Chesterland, OH) & Jonathan Schwartz (Cranford, NJ)- A capella singers at Princeton University
Jill Haney & Thomas Wolfard (Marina Del Rey)- Dating; Jill's a hair stylist, while Thomas' an ad sales director
Andie DeKroon (Atlanta) & Jenna Sykes (Athens, GA)- Andie's a stay-at-home mom, while Jenna attends the University of Georgia
Katie Seamon (Rahway, NJ) & Rachel Johnston (Moorestown, NJ)- Beach volleyball partners

The new season begins with a 90-minute episode on September 26th after "60 Minutes".

Source: Reality TV
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