Friday, September 24, 2010

"Project Runway" 9/23

ASSIGNMENT: Create both a high-fasion look and a ready-to-wear dress for a L'Oreal Paris ad. The winner won a $20K bonus from said company.

This week's Mood shopping budget was $300 within a half-hour for the first part, and $100 & just 15 minutes on the second.

Guest Judge: Naeem Khan


1. April Johnston
2. Mondo Guerra
3. Ivy Higa
4. Michael Costello
5. Christopher Collins
6. Gretchen Jones
7. Valerie Mayen
8. Andy South

TOP THREE: Andy (third time), Gretchen (fourth) & Mondo (fourth)
BOTTOM THREE: Michael C. (second), Valerie (second in a row and third overall) & Ivy (fourth)

The winner of the cash was...

...Mondo- he became the second designer this season to win back-to-back weeks, and the third member of the Season 8 two-win club overall! But going home empty-handed was...


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