Thursday, September 09, 2010

"Project Runway" 9/9

Team Challenge #2: After a Cloud Nine boat ride and them being handed pairs of Michael Kors sunglasses, they have to make resortwear using each other's point of views.


1. Andy South & Valerie Mayen
2. Michael Costello & Mondo Guerra
3. April Johnston & Christopher Collins
4. Carlos Casanova & Gretchen Jones
5. Ivy Higa & Michael Drummond

$150 and a half-hour are given at Mood this week.

Guest Judge: Kristen Bell

(Note: In addition to Mr. Kors' usual judging duties this week, he'll be doing the initial critiques with Tim Gunn in the workroom.)


1. Michael C. & Mondo
2. Michael D. & Ivy
3. Christopher & April
4. Casanova & Gretchen
5. Valerie & Andy

TOP THREE: Andy (second time), April (also her second) & Michael D. (third in the last four weeks)
BOTTOM THREE: Casanova (third time), Ivy (third time) & Mondo

Here are the all-important results...

...April wins, but Casanova's going home.
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