Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Top Chef: Just Desserts" 9/22

Quickfire #2: Create a dessert celebrating penny candy in one hour.

Guest Judge: Elizabeth Falkner (she was also a guest judge in the Elimination Challenge)


Yigit Pura: "Strawberries & Cream" w/ red licorice & citrus
Heather Hurlbert: Vanilla Panna Cotta w/ passion fruit gelee
Tim Nugent: Orange & pistachio parfait w/ mascarpone & cream
Morgan Wilson: Chick & Stick Sable w/ malted milk ganache & repulled banana lollipop
Malika Ameen: Lemon drop & strawberry parfait & yuzu cream
Heather Chittum: Browned Butter Almond Financier w/ strawberry & balsamic vinegar
Zac Young: Chocolate & sour cream Ho-Ho w/ red hot cream cheese filling
Eric Wolitzky: Malted chocolate pudding w/ malt ball cookie
Erika Davis: Strawberry Pop Rocks w/ lemon drop cookie & sour lemon gelee
Danielle Keene: "Worms in Dirt"- Chocolate mousse w/ lemon gummies, malt balls & lemon soda
Seth Caro: Whipped chiffon cake w/ red hot coconut jam & passion fruit vanilla sorbet

BOTTOM THREE: Eric, Heather C. & Seth
TOP THREE: Danielle, Heather H. & Zac

The second immunity winner was...


ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #2: Create something inspired by a cocktail.

Additional Guest Judge: Mark Peel


Erika: Margarita Bombe w/ a lime cookie, tequilla mousse & Grand Mariner creme brulee
Danielle: Lemon & lime curd tart w/ toasted coconut & Rum Sabayon
Eric: Pineapple Bourbon Upside Down Cake
Yigit: Campari & Blood Orange Agar Agar w/ citrus vanilla panna cotta & basil ice cream
Morgan: Cola-spiced whiskey cake w/ coke fluid gel
Heather C.: Gingerbread cake w/ rum caramel sauce
Seth: Blueberry Gimlet Cake w/ lemon & lime juice & juniper soda
Malika: Blood Orange & Blackberry Mojito Cake w/ white chocolate mousse
Heather H.: White Russian Stack
Zac: Benedictine Bombe- Dark chocolate malt cake w/ Benedictine Cremeux
Tim: Basil pudding w/ orange, kumquat & lime granita

TOP THREE: Eric, Erika & Yigit
BOTTOM THREE: Malika, Seth & Tim

Who won and who got shafted? Let's find out...

...Erika won, but Tim was sent out of the kitchen.
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