Friday, September 17, 2010

"Top Chef: Just Desserts"- PREMIERE

Whoever wins this will take home $100,000 & the all-new 2011 Buick Regal, plus they'll also win a Food & Wine feature and a showcase at the Pebble Beach Food & Wine festival.

Opening Quickfire: Convert a signature dessert into a cupcake.

The shopping budget for this first challenge was $50 within 30 minutes.


Tania Peterson- Chicory mousse cupcake w/ mesquite flour & creme fraiche caramel
Heather Chittum- Carrot cupcake w/ creme fraiche cream cheese icing & fried carrots
Zac Young- Vanilla bean cupcake w/ lemon curd & blood orange marshmallow
Danielle Keene- Chocolate cupcake w/ mint chip filling & toasted meringue
Eric Wolitzky- Devil's Food cupcake w/ buttermilk & coffee
Tim Nugent- Pistachio Semifreddo
Seth Caro- Steamed Malaysian Coconut Cake w/ basil buttercream & candied pine nuts
Morgan Wilson- Dark chocolate souffle cupcake w/ supreme of tangerine & caramel buttercream
Malika Ameen- TIME OVER

BOTTOM THREE: Malika, Tim & Zac
TOP THREE: Seth, Tania & Heather

The first immunity prize was awarded to...


FIRST ELIMINATION CHALLENGE: Make something with chocolate in a four-hour time limit and serve it to 50 chocolate conisseurs.

Guest Judge: Jacques "Mr. Chocolate" Torres


Morgan: Chocolate fried pie w/ milk chocolate bourbon flan
Heather C.: Bitersweet chocolate torte w/ a mini whoopie pie
Eric: Spiced brownie w/ Ancho chile, ginger & cinnamon
Heather Hurlbert: Dark chocolate mousse torte w/ Chocolate Grand Marnier Sauce
Zac: Chocolate Fondant "Brownie Sundae"
Tania: Flourless chocolate torte w/ Earl Grey & white chocolate mousse
Danielle: Chocolate tart w/ hazelnut brittle & banana
Seth: Madras curry & chocolate palette w/ raspberry gelee
Yigit Pura: Flourless chocolate genoise w/ custardless ice cream
Tim: Chocolate cake w/ ganache & white chocolate cream
Malika: Bittersweet chocolate layer cake w/ braised cherries & nougatine
Erika Davis: Chocolate banana caramel crunch bar

TOP THREE: Heather H., Seth & Zac
BOTTOM THREE: Danielle, Morgan & Tania

Let's see who won and who was the first out...

...Hurlburt won, but Tania lost.
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