Friday, September 17, 2010

"The Ultimate Fighter"- 12TH SEASON PREMIERE

Opening Round Fight #1: Marc Stevens vs. TJ O'Brien
Referee: Steve Mazzagatti

Tale of the Tape:

Fighting out of: Syracuse, NY
MMA Record: 12-5

Fighting out of: Martersdale, IA
MMA Record: 14-3

Marc won by TKO in just 13 seconds!

Opening Round Fight #2: Spencer Paige vs. Steve Magdaleno
Referee: Josh Rosenthal

Tale of the Tape:

Fighting out of: Watertown, NY
MMA Record: 7-2

Fighting out of: Torrance, CA
MMA Record: 6-2

Spencer won both of the regulation rounds to get the unanimous decision win!

Opening Round Fight #3: Nam Phan vs. Mike Budnik
Referee: Herb Dean

Tale of the Tape:

Fighting out of: Garden Grove, CA
MMA Record: 16-7

Fighting out of: Tulsa, OK

MMA Record: 8-4

Nam won by first-round TKO!

Opening Round Fight #4: Paul Barrow vs. Alex Caceres
Referee: JR

Tale of the Tape:

Fighting out of: Tampa, FL
MMA Record: 3-0

Fighting out of: Miami, FL
MMA Record: 4-2

Alex rolled his way to a submission win with a devestating rear-naked choke in the first round!

Opening Round Fight #5: Cody McKenzie vs. Amir Khillah
Referee: SM

Tale of the Tape:

Fighting out of: Spokane, WA

MMA Record: 10-0

Fighting out of: Kalamazoo, MI
MMA Record: 6-4

Cody put Amir to sleep in the first round with a guillotine choke!

Opening Round Fight #6: Dane Sayers vs. Ariel Saxton
Referee: HD

Tale of the Tape:

Fighting out of: West Fargo, ND
MMA Record: 7-1

Fighting out of: San Jose, Costa Rica
MMA Record: 6-2

Dane was an insane fighter- right off the bat in this fight, he did an amazing running jump on Ariel! After a few submission attempts in this fight, Dane won in the second round with a standing rear-naked choke!

Other Results:

Andy Main d. Jason Brenton by triangle choke/armbar in Round 1
Jonathan Brookins d. Ran Weathers by unanimous decision
Sako Chivitchian d. Toby Grear by unanimous decision
Jeff Lentz d. Daniel Head by rear-naked choke in Round 2
Michael Johnson d. Paul Garza by unanimous decision
Aaron Wilkinson d. Mike Richman by unanimous decision
Kyle Watson d. Joseph Duffy by rear-naked choke in Round 1
Sevak Magakian d. JJ Ambrose by unanimous decision

(Note: For just this episode, only the first 10 and last 10 seconds of every round will be shown on the clock during non-finale episodes.)
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