Thursday, September 30, 2010

"WCG Ultimate Gamer" 9/30

Home Base Challenge: While playing "Invincible Tiger", one of the first 3-D video games out there, they have to kill as many opponents as they can in a minute.

The winner is...

...Jake Pfister! And his advantage for what's next extra quarter to work with in the first round!

THE GAUNTLET: In each round, at least one contestant will be eliminated.

Round 1: "Pac-Man"- Score as many points as possible until the 10-minute time limit expires or you run out of lives (unless you're Jake).

Here are the results for this first round...

WINNER: Justin Wong
2. Jake
3. Yaz Ammari
4. Caesar Noriega
5. Kat Gunn
ELIMINATED: Rachel Querico

Round 2: "Forza Motorsport 3"- Drive the Audi R8 Quatro on the Circuit de Catalunya with your hands handcuffed behind your back for 20 minutes. Then, do the exact same thing in a straightjacket. Whoever travels the least amount of combined distance will be eliminated.

Heat #1:


Hit me with the latest standings after the other heat...

2. Jake
3. Caesar
4. Yaz

FINAL ROUND: "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction"- While playing in Last Stand Mode with only the reflections in their mirrors to guide them, 10 enemies have to be killed. The winner of each heat advances to the semi-final round.

The first finalist is...

...Yaz! We'll find out his opponents on the second season finale next week.
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