Friday, September 10, 2010

"WCG Ultimate Gamer" 9/9

THIS WEEK'S FEATURED GAME: "Forza Motorsport 3"

Real-Life Challenge #4: Everybody had to drive an old Ford Mustang through an obstacle course with only the monitor inside to help them see where they were going. There were blue barrels and cutouts of their remaining opponents. Before they drove, they chose which opponent who they wanted to hit the most, and if they did so during their time trial, they would get a 15-SECOND BONUS. However, hitting anybody else's cutout or any barrel will incur a FIVE-SECOND PENALTY; also, whoever got called out the most during this challenge received a ONE-MINUTE PENALTY. The contestant with the best time won a Samsung U20 HD camcorder.

1. Kat Gunn (Jake Pfister)- 1:32

2. Faye Mata (Ryan Burnett)- 1:47

3. Justin Wong (Caesar Noriega)-

4. Caesar (Faye)- :54

5. Jake (Caesar)- :47

6. Rachel Querico (Ryan)- 1:22

7. Ryan (Faye)- 1:06

8. Vanessa (Yaz Ammari)- 2:14 (she drove PAINFULLY slow)

9. Yaz (Faye)- WIN WITH :37!

Isolation Challenge #4: Drive four laps in the Audi R8 Quatro while on the Amalfi Coast; the fastest lap was counted.

Here were all of the results...

2. Yaz
3. Jake
4. Faye
5. Justin
6. Caesar
7. Ryan
8. Vanessa


WINNER: Yaz (second time this season!)
2. Jake
3. Kat
4. Caesar
5. Ryan
6. Faye
7. Justin
8. Rachel
DEAD LAST: Vanessa

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #4: For the second straight week, the bottom two competed. This time, Rachel & Vanessa had to race five laps against each other around the Suzuka Circuit West in either the Acura NSX, BMW M3 or Nissan Skyline GT-R.

Rachel: Nissan
Vanessa: BMW

The girl whose game hit a DEAD END was...


...Vanessa- it just wasn't her week.
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