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10/22/2010 Results

LMaD: This is the CBS version's 200TH EPISODE! And the first three traders on this special day who are about to do No Complaining are Tiffany (dressed as a gift bag), Jose (dressed as a basketball player) & Carol (dressed as a sheriff with some giant sunglasses). Tiffany has the very first choice of either a mystery check or the silver small box (both of which are controlled by Jonathan Mangum). Because she's broke, she wants that check...that means nobody will be taking home an 18 karat white gold diamond/topaz ring worth $1,922, but she's currenly holding onto $1,000. Let's see how it goes from here:

Big box: Jose- Samsung home entertainment center ($4,300)
Curtain #2: Carol- Nissan Versa Sedan

This morning's Auction Deal involves no one but these women- Jeanette (a 40-year-old birthday lady) & Rachel (dressed as a cow).

Round 1 (Red small box):
Sold To: Rachel ($200)
PRIZE: Blackberry Curb courtesy of at&t ($1,850)

Round 2 (Green small box):
Sold To: Jeanette ($50)
PRIZE: Digital fitness package, including a $250 iTunes gift card ($1,313)

At this point, we go into The Big Risk part of this deal, and Rachel's moving the Tanque Verde Ranch, which is a trip worth $4,861!

Alysssa (dressed as a basketball hoop) is read this entry from Wayne Brady's Diary:

Dear Diary: I had that dream about prison again. Julio was bench pressing me when the warden walks in and declares parade time. When I woke up, I had my usual breakfast of granola & 15 doughnuts. Then, I peeked behind Curtain #2 and found a trip to a place I've never been before.

She wisely shifts to Curtain #3, but she ends up wanting neither one for a payoff of $1,100...the good news was that the middle curtain had a ZONK journey to the center of the Earth, but the bad news is that she's NOT the second car winner of the day with the Hyundai Elantra behind the other curtain that was in play. To be continued...

Lauren (a Loyal Friend & True dressed as a Viking) next plays Tic-Tac-Deal for a $9,700 stay at the Fairmont Orchid in Hawaii from The Journeymasters (Curtain #1). She picks Envelopes #1, #4, #7 & #5.

1. #4- O
2. #7- O
3. #1- X

In the Sure Thing Jackpot today is a retro appliance package worth $4,655 (Curtain #3) plus $500, but she wants to go to Hawaii.


Next are the team of Rebecca & Tina (who have been friends for seven years). They each get their choice of these two bankrolls- one with a buck on the outside and the other with a $100 bill to start:

Rebecca: $100
Tina: $1

Tina passes on Curtain #2...Rebecca thought there was more money inside Tina's bankroll, but maybe NOT, because in Tina's was 20 $10s for a total of $201. That will cost her a Mid-Century style bedroom worth $3,596. Rebecca also doesn't want Curtain #3...and Jonathan's back there to tell us that she just avoided being ZONKED on the Zonk News Network (where Wayne plays the role of Dwayne Grady), so she's won another two grand in Benjamins!

Judson (dressed as Chef Boyardee) is now told by Wayne from Jonathan's Diary that Curtain #2 has a lot of party stuff. Judson sounds interested enough, so he refuses $500, $700 & $900...for a game room that includes a 3-in-1 game table, a Crosley jukebox, a stainless-steel cooler, a 16 GB iPad Nano, the $500 iTunes gift card & the Samsung 40" LCD HDTV, all worth $5,375!

THE BIG DEAL: The 200th Big Deal on this version of the show that could be Rachel's in the next few moments is valued at...$22,732. She picks Door #3. Behind Door #2 was a green Weber gas grill & the Omaha Steaks gift card, which was a prize package worth $1,299...and NO BD for her, but she has traded up to the blue Yamaha ATV and a pair of mountain bikes totalling $5,709. If she had chosen Door #1, not only would she have won the KIA Forte, but she also would've gone to the Marquis Los Cabos Resort in Cabo.

TPiR: The Friday show kicks off with Kelly Peach, Tasha Wilson, Lydia Lambert, Nichole McGahey and the first IUFB of an HP laptop w/ a butterfly pattern on it brought down by Amber Donaldson.

Kelly: $555
Tasha: $450
Lydia: $420 (here we go again)

ARP: $600

I'm glad Kelly won that laptop instead of Lydia, because Jeff Davis gets to tell her that she's playing PAY THE RENT (Rachel)! Manuela's standing next to these groceries- Hunt's Manwich Original, a big bag of Cheetos Puffs, CoverGirl freshcomplexion, Mt. Olive Kosher Dill Spears, Febreze & Freschetta Naturally Rising Four-Cheese Pizza.

My house guess:

Mailbox: Febreze
Level 2: Cheetos & Pickles
Level 3: Pizza & Sauce
Vault: Makeup

Kelly's House:

Mailbox: Cheetos
Level 2: Sauce (Couch) & Pickles (Range)
Level 3: Pizza (TV) & Febreze (Bathtub)
Vault: Concealer

Cheetos- $2.99; GOES ON

Level 2: Sauce ($2.09) + Pickles ($3.19) = $5.28; GOES ON

Level 3: Pizza ($7.49) + Febreze ($4.99) = $12.48; QUITS WITH $10K (and we see the same $10K graphic we see on the house with fireworks surrounding it, with the end of the PtR cue playing)

Vault: Makeup- $5.49

The correct order was:

Mailbox: Makeup = $5.49
Level 2: Cheetos ($2.99) + Pickles ($3.19) = $6.18 (I had this right)
Level 3: Sauce ($2.09) + Febreze ($4.99) = $7.08
Vault: Pizza = $7.49

We were NOT EVEN CLOSE to giving away the $100K today, but at least some money was won this time.

After Beverly Grandia comes on down, the second IUFB is some designer accessories (Amber at Door #3).

Beverly: $3,200
Tasha: $1,200
Lydia: $5K

Nichole: $1,199 (STUPID BID #2)

ARP: $2,981

Because of Nichole's second straight boo-boo, Tasha not only will get a makeup consultation with Anthony Franco backstage after the show, she'll have a chance to win a trip to the W Barcelona (Manuela at Door #4) playing Super Pushover. Board:


It's a choice between $10,831 (my guess) & $15,108, and she picks the latter of $15,108...NOT it.

Sixth is Michael Guozden and IUFB #3 is the Opulent Items sofa that's shaped like a soda can (Rachel at Door #2).

Michael: $499
Lydia: $1,200
Nichole: $2,100
Beverly: $1,300

ARP: $900

Michael plays Lucky $even for the Hyundai Sonata (Std., Armor, Mats, CMat, Net, iPod)(Amber). His second digit guess is three, but it's one, so that means he has to pay Drew Carey two dollars. According to Michael, the third digit in the price of this car is four...

$ 2 1 , 6 _ _

...but he has to give up another pair of dollars. He next says five...

$ 2 1 , 6 9 4

...NOT high enough to make it to the last digit.

Michael ($900): $.85
Tasha ($2,981): $.95
Kelly ($10,600): Quarter + 40 = $.65; TASHA ADVANCES

Next to exit the Peanut Gallery is Paul Grace from the front row (who waited since 9 PM the previous night just to get in line) and the fourth IUFB is a power tool/workbench collection (Amber behind GPT).

Paul: $2,100
Lydia: $800
Nichole: $1,700
Beverly: $575

ARP: $740

Beverly plays One Right Price for an outdoor dining set (Rachel) & the Samsung 3-D LCD LED HDTV (Amber). That leaves Manuela with today's ORP of $2,673...but Beverly places it on the $3,600 HDTV.

Next to go to the red spot is another entrant from the front row, Verlis Donica (who's an 85-year-old woman), and the next IUFB is a treadmill (Amber behind the rising sign).

Verlis: $1.5K
Paul: $1,199
Lydia: $1,100

Nichole: BUCK

ARP: $2.5K

After a CBS page helps her get to the area where the GPT is, One Away (Rachel) is revealed and Verlis can win the Ford Focus S (Fairly loaded)(Manuela at Door #3). Board:

$ 2 7 , 4 7 5

First guess:

$ 1 8 , 5 6 4

Four of those are right...

$ 1 8 , 5 8 4

...and she DOESN'T win the $18,364 Focus.

The last player this week is Ryan Bucher and the final IUFB is his/her 64 GB iPod Touches (Manuela & Rachel). Both Lydia & Nichole have been here the whole hour.

Ryan: $450
Paul: $750
Lydia: $751

Nichole: $752

ARP: $798


Nichole plays Squeeze Play for the Ski-Doo snowmobile (Amber at Door #2). Here's the setup:


Does she remove the five to win the $6,799 snowmobile...NO, she removes the first nine.

My lineup today:

1. Squeeze Play
2. Lucky $even
3. Pushover
4. One Right Price
5. One Away
6. Pay the Rent

Beverly (first spin was a DUD): WINS $1K
Nichole: 95 + 15 = OVER BY A DIME
Verlis (she needs Drew's help on both spins): 35 + 40 = Three Quarters

Beverly's Bonus Spin lands on...two dimes, so the Runner-Up Showcase podium goes to her.

The first Showcase (which is entirely presented by Manuela) has a beach gear package, a trip to The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa, a stay at the Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast, FL and the red Maxum ski boat (Door #2).



Tasha could instead win the Fuego grill (Amber), a camping tent trailer (Amber at Door #1) and a Subaru Forester 2.5X (Std., SEP, BCover, Mat, Net)(Rachel at Door #3).



BID: $24,864

ARP: $40,511

BID: $31,000
ARP: $29,718

Beverly wins a total of $42,251 in cash & prizes.


Pictureka!: One of these two teams could finish off a PERFECT BONUS ROUND WEEK today:

Green Team: Liam & Shannon
Orange Team: Michaela (who's an eight-year-old girl that has a nickname of "Stinky") & Zachary (who's 11)

TRIP AT STAKE: Monterey Bay

Go Find Fish:

GT: 150
OT: 120

Maze Craze:

KAREN (a mom dressed as Esther that used to go to France):
1. Mushroom house (140)
2. Roller robot (160)
3. Eyepop (180)
4. Dinosaur

DEBBIE (a mom dressed up as a daisy flower):
1. Smoking band (170)
2. Springing Jack (190)
3. Rocking deer (210)
4. Fried bones

Rock the Block Objects:

1. Phone
2. Cup
3. Umbrella
4. Screwdriver
5. Bell pepper

WINNERS: GT, 5-4(and lead 435-340)

Balloon Monsoon:

Karen: An animal with its tail sticking up- Tiger (420)
Zachary: Something with a gas tank- Car (510)
Stinky: A person wearing a stripled outfit- Jailor

Debbie needs...just nine seconds to win it for her team! That snaps the OT's eight-show winning streak.

PENGUIN PRIZE HUNT: Let's hope the winning streak here (which is currently at five episodes) doesn't get stopped also because of this GT. They hit their stopper with seven seconds left and capture Windows #2-#5, plus #7 & #8...AND WE HAVE A CLEAN SWEEP ON THE WEEK THANKS TO LIAM ON #7 WITH :26 LEFT!

5th Grader: The second annual Special Delivery Week's finale contestant is stay-at-home mom Arden Asmar (whose baby is due in about a month and is eight months pregnant). The final subject board shows us:

1st Grade Grammar
1st Grade Animal Science
2nd Grade Nature
2nd Grade Vocabulary
3rd Grade Life Science
3rd Grade Astronomy
4th Grade U.S. Geography
4th Grade Music


What species of bear is pictured here?

$500 is hers with Polar.

SUBJECT #2: Vocabulary

T or F: By definition, a grandmother & her granddaughter are members of different generations.

Arden answers True...tripler.

SUBJECT #3: Astronomy

What's the closest planet to The Sun to have a natural satellite?

Arden comes up with the same planet Jordan has, Earth...and that's it for $5K.

SECOND CLASSMATE: Jordan (who once dissected a squid)
SUBJECT #4: Music

What Russian-born composer wrote the music for the 1913 ballet "The Rite of Spring"?

She's reluctant to do so, but Arden takes a stab at it on her own with Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky...NO. It was Igor Stravinsky.

SUBJECT #5: U.S. Geography

The Mason-Dixon Line forms the boundary between Maryland and other other U.S. states. Delaware is one of those states; what's the other?

She uses the Copy on Jordan this time. He thought of New York...but she should've chosen Ty as her second partner, because he had the right state of Pennsylvania.

SUBJECT #6: Nature

Pineapples are originally native to which of the following continents?

A: South America
B: Africa
C: Europe

Arden's answer is South America...correct.

SUBJECT #7: Life Science

Which of the following is a female part of a flower?

A: Anther
B: Ovule

C: Stamen

Arden uses her Peek and sees Ty thought of the stamen, but she disagrees with him in favor of the ovule...yes indeed.


What noun's the object in the following sentence- "Jane threw the ball"?

Arden is right with the "ball", and she then goes for $50,000.


What's the sum of the degrees of the interior angles of an octagon?

She only has 1/3 of the right answer in 360; it was 1,080. That means she leaves with the $2.5K gift card.

WoF: Welcome to a six-episode Halloween Week! In the intro, Pat & Vanna are acting like zombies and the show's title chant is mumbled up.

Friday's first Toss-Up category is People:

_ _ _ C _ - _ R -

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Bryan quickly gets TRICK-OR-TREATERS for $1,000. Here's tonight's spooktacular panel:

Bryan Shin (Fargo, ND)
Rachel Nietto (Kansas City, MO)- Junior pre-medical student at Rutgers University
Angie Rice-Figueroa (Charlotte, NC)- Associate director for college communications at Davidson College; she's a big fan of the West Virginia Mountaineers football team, because that was her alma mater

(Note: The golden logo at the bottom-left corner of our screens has a little ooze at the bottom.)

$2,000 Toss-Up category is Proper Name:

G R E E _ / B A Y

_ A _ K _ R S

Bryan knows the NFL team we need is the GREEN BAY PACKERS to triple his stash.

Ally Bank Jackpot Round category is Occupation and out on the wheel now is a $5K Sony electronics package that includes the upcoming "Wheel of Fortune" video game for Nintendo Wii (which will come out on November 2nd) and a Kmart shopping spree. The odd-numbered round category wipes start out with a moon, then a witch flies around it to reveal the category graphic on a green background. Bryan begins with two R's for the Wild Card, a $700 T and buys two E's & A's, but he then calls a dud in S. Secondly, Rachel calls three N's for $1,500, two D's for a $1K Windchill Films gift package, a $6oo G, an M for the electronics and a $600 H. At this moment, we have...

_ N _ E / _ _ _ N

A / M _ D N _ G H T

D R E A R _

...she solves the line from The Raven "ONCE UPON A MIDNIGHT DREARY" for $8,700 in cash & merchandise.

SOLE DUD: $800 S (Bryan)

Prize Puzzle Round category is Phrase; for the even-numbered rounds like this one, the category graphic's orange and we see a Jack-O'-Lantern farthest to the left.. Rachel, who won the first main round, starts the second one with five T's for $2,750, but she then loses that amount right away to the Bankrupt in between $600 & $900. Second, Angie calls two H's for $700, a $300 W and buys four E's, followed by a $300 N & S, three A's & two L's for another $1,800 before she hits her buzzer...

W H A T ' S

A L L / T H E

E _ _ _ T E _ E N T

A _ _ _ T ?

...WHAT'S ALL THE EXCITEMENT ABOUT? This lady getting on the board with $2,900 and a trip to the Rivera South Beach Hotel in Miami, FL from worth $7,250, for a total of $10,150 in cash & trip.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: CZ1888053 (Christina Z. from California)

The Pure Silk Mystery Round deals with a Same Letter puzzle. Angie leads off by instantly landing on the Mystery Wedge next to the Million Dollar Wedge and calling a T before flipping it over...but she's lost her turn with the Bankrupt behind it. Second, Bryan calls a $3.5 R before using his WC and multiplying that figure by SIX after next calling five S's! He then buys an E, A, four O's, BUT HE THEN HITS THE OTHER NORMAL BANKRUPT TO FORCE HIM TO PLACE THE REMAINING $20,250 (a SEASON-HIGH, BTW) IN THE COFFIN! OUCH. Third, Rachel calls the SL of five G's for $1.5K, but she Bankrupts the same way Angie did immediately afterwards. As we get back to our current leader, she lights up three L's for $1,050 and here's the layout...

G _ O S T S

G O _ L _ _ S

G _ O _ L S / &

G A R G O _ L E S

...she solves GHOSTS, GOBLINS, GHOULS & GARGOYLES for $1,050 more and inches up to $11,200 in winnings.

BANKRUPTS: 3 (Everybody)

What Are You Doing? turns out to be the $3K TU's question:

_ _ S T I N G

A / S P _ L L

Rachel blows the solve by a letter with WASTING A SPELL.

_ _ S T I N G

A / S P E L L

Bryan's CASTING A SPELL on the ladies when it comes to the TU's, because he's swept them for $6K.

The next topic is Thing. A pair of T's starts him off with $1,400, then he buys the same amount of E's and a single A before landing on Lose a Turn. Rachel secondly calls a $300 H but then a dud of S. Third, Angie LaTs out. Bryan's second turn in this round has him lighting up a $500 N and buying twin I's and an O to clean out the vowels, then he puts up a $500 G, a $900 R, double C's to add $800 and we see...

T H E / _ E C I _ I N G

_ A C T O R

...the Last Chance Round will be THE DECIDING FACTOR in this fairly low-scoring match, but he solves this puzzle to add $3,100 to his cash total, which now increases to $9,100.

SOLE DUD: $300 S (Rachel)
LaTs: 2 (Bryan, Angie)

The final maingame subject's Place and consonants are worth $1,900 apiece. This is a close match between everyone. After Rachel has two C's magically pop up...

S C _ _ N C _

L A _ O R A T O R _

...she solves SCIENCE LABORATORY for $7,600 and the match victory with $16,300 in cash & prizes! Angie leaves with $11,200 in cash & trip and Bryan's heading out the door with a $9,100 money treat.

$36,600 in cash & other treats was given out in this maingame.

DUDS: F (Angie), M (Rachel)


Maxwell House Big Money Round: This week's car is a Mitsubishi Eclipse from Glendale Mitsubishi. Rachel fittingly spins the R and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ _ _

_ R _ _ N _

She calls C, H, M & I...GAME OVER ALREADY. After 10 seconds of her having to literally GOOF AROUND without the O's and/or the F or G showing, she loses the car and leaves with $16,300 in cash & stuff.

Pat then does his very first Tweet on-air to end this episode.

DFtL!: Margaret Cho, who recently got voted off "Dancing with the Stars" this season, is playing this game tonight for the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies that's located in Gulfport, MS. The topics are:

R & B

1. R & B
A: "You Are My Lady" by Freddie Jackson (1985)
B: "Fallin'" by Alicia Keys (2001)
PICK: "You Are My Lady"
PREVIOUS LINE: "You are my lady, you're all..."
FINAL GUESS: "...I'm living for"

2. Rock
A: "Owner of a Lonely Heart" by Yes (1983)
B: "Summer of '69" by Bryan Adams (1985)
PICK: "Owner of a Lonely Heart"
PREVIOUS LINE: "(Much better than a)..."

FINAL GUESS: "...owner of a broken heart"

3. Pop
A: "Thriller" by Michael Jackson (1984)
B: "Spiderwebs" by No Doubt (1996)
PICK: "Thriller"
PREVIOUS LINE: "You're fighting for your life..."

BASE GUESS: " got to get up"

A: "...because it's killer thriller tonight"
B: "...start running, killer thriller tonight"
C: "...inside a killer thriller tonight"


4. 1980s
A: "Electric Avenue" by Eddy Grant (1983)
B: "(I Just) Died in Your Arms" by Cutting Crew (1986)
PICK: "Electric Avenue"

PREVIOUS LINE: "Working so hard like..."
FINAL GUESS: "...a solider and I don't think I know" (A: "...a soldier can't afford a thing on TV")

Domino's Pizza Fun Fact of the Night: Mariah Carey has a vocal range that spans five octaves.

ENCORE: "Ain't Nobody" by Chaka Khan (1983)

PREVIOUS LINE: "At first, you put your..."
FINAL GUESS: NOTHING (A: "...arms around me, then you pur your charms around me")


Game 1
Game 2
Start of Game 3

(Also: On this evening's episode of "Jeopardy!", Kathleen Mikulis left with $27,201 while San Diego mathematician Ari Stern added his way up to a $17,201 victory.)

Episode ratings:

8: "Let's Make a Deal" & "Pictureka!"
6: "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?", "Don't Forget the Lyrics!", "Jeopardy!", "Millionaire" & "The Price is Right"
5: "Wheel of Fortune"
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