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10/29/2010 Results

LMaD: This is their second Halloween special! Let me point out that for the Big Deal of the Day, the BMW 128i will be on offer again. With that in the back of our heads, Wayne Brady chooses on Meredith (dressed as The Sun), Carolyn (dressed as a Queen without a crown) & Lori (who's wearing makeup & a pink boa) first. They're playing a special version of Majority Rules where in the first few rounds, they all have to agree on something.

Round 1: Small black cash coffin or silver small box (Jonathan Mangum)(Clue: Something for a witch's wardrobe)
PICK: Coffin
SILVER SMALL BOX: Two black diamond earrings ($4,200)

Round 2: Coffin or Curtain #1 (Clue: Spiritual journey)
PICK: Curtain #1 (although Carolyn's not sold on it)

Everybody's now on their own. The Big Risk goes with Curtain #2, and Carolyn unsurprisingly goes with that. Behind Curtain #1 for each of the other two women in this deal is...a trip to the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans worth $6,274! Carolyn actually...will be forced to watch the ZONK Movie of the Week- "Nightmare From Behind Curtain #2" (which has Tiffany Coyne taking over as the show's host after Wayne gets sucked up by the middle curtain following a taping).

Before we even do the first commercial break, Kristin (dressed as a butterfly), Sarah (dressed as a cow) & Serena (dressed as a pig) are about to take part in a pumpkin-carving contest. Towards the end of the show, whoever has the most popular pumpkin wins $1K in betting money.

In the meantime, Christina could win the keys to the Chevrolet Cobalt (Curtain #3) if she can find them in the correct candy basket out of three. She picks the middle one, which doesn't sound like the right one to me, but we do know #3 definitely isn't correct. Her bailout prize package behind Curtain #1 is a $1,649 BBQ, plus $2,000 (originally $1K), and she wisely walks with that...only to realize that the middle basket was the right one all along! Tough luck.

The next deal has a witch's caulderon that Jonathan has brough out. Kandace could've won $500 if she had tagged Wayne prior to getting in place, but she keeps the caulderon for now and gives Priscilla (dressed as a giant pretzell) the small box. After turning down the $500, Priscilla wins...the VESPA! Now, Mr. Brady takes out an orange envelope, but she's sticking w/ the caulderon...there's NOTHING but a skeleton inside. That will cost her...$6,969, so she has to settle for the $500.

Next to trade is Krystal (who's holding a big prop with a weird Wayne drawing on it). She's told the following from Jonathan's Big Book of Predictions:

Behind Curtain #2 is a nice place to rest.

Her choice is that or a skull, and she chooses the middle curtain...she'll be sleeping in NOT a bedroom, but a graveyard. And she WON'T be relaxing on a Caribbean Cruise from The Journeymasters worth $5,492, either.

Allison has a chance to Dodge the Black Cat. She opts to start from the end of the line.

#8- 3 OF CLUBS ($1K)
#7- 7 OF DIAMONDS ($1.5K)

She then takes The Big Risk on Curtain #3...NO Cobalt there this time, but she does win a game room package that includes a pool table, the Samsung 55" 3-D HDTV & a Nintendo Wii worth $6,410- PERFECT DEAL!

Now, to annouce who has the most popular pumpkin...Serena! But she then purchases whatever's behind Curtain #1 for her thousand bucks...a stainless-steel kitchen appliance duo from AjMadison plus a caramel apple dipping kit, all valued at $3,320- PERFECT DEAL #2!

THE BIG DEAL: Allison's going for the $30,025 Beamer. She picks Door #3...she is the day's top winner, but it WON'T be as a BD winner. It'll be with a dining room plus a private chef, all worth $6,759.

Door #1: Home office ($1,998)
Door #2: BMW

TPiR: In just a few moments, one of the First Four ghoulish contestants will be the first one this season to walk the GOLDEN ROAD! With the light border being silver on green, and the video of the audience being black/white (as well as the theme of this year's Halloween special being "The Wizard of Oz"), here come Anna Vincent (dressed as a firefighter), Armando Enciso, Patricia McNelis & Chrishonda Smith (who's wearing a tye-dye T-shirt). The show's logo is green, Drew Carey's dressed as the Cowardly Lion & Jeff Davis' the Cowardly Lion; also, Lanisha's acting as the Tin Man, Rachel's Dorothy & Gwendolyn's fittingly playing the role of Glenda the Good Witch The first IUFB are pairs of iPads, leather cases & $500 iTunes gift cards (Lanisha & Rachel).

Chrishonda: $1,150
Patricia: $1,200
Armando: $700 (STAGE GARF)
Anna: $701 (STAGE GARF)

Patricia wins the $2,088 prize package by default, and the word "Brick" is added to the GR title in order to fit this morning's theme. Beginning with a $.91 bandana, she could win a doghouse (Rachel at blue turntable; there's a dog named Toto in there!), a Howard Miller entertainment cabinet designed by Ty Pennington that includes the JVC 47" LCD HDTV & the 160 GB iPod (Lanisha at Door #1), and worth more than $79,000...the all-new 2011 Jaguar XJL (Std., PKit, LCompartment, Liner, Net)(Gwen at Door #2)! Doghouse price:

$ _ 1 6

She wins the $916 doghouse no sweat. For the entertainment stuff:

$ 4 , _ 3 8

Well, she's pretty much on her own here. She picks the six...

$ 4 , 6 3 8

...but she should've chosen the nine again.

Video Bonus: First Golden Road playing of Season 39

Fifth is Estraletta Wilson and the second IUFB is twin Nirve bicycles (Lanisha & Rachel).

Estraletta: $579
Armando: $560
Anna: $850
Chrishonda: $601

ARP: $960

Anna plays Coming or Going (w/ Jeff standing next to the prop) for a Beachcomber Hot Tub (Gwen at Door #3).

Coming: $4,916
Going: $6,194


Sixth is Vaughn Adams and IUFB #3 is a Napa Valley hot air balloon trip (Gwen at Door #4).

Vaughn: $1,100
Chrishonda: $2K
Estraletta: $850
Armando: $1,800

ARP: $2,042

Chrishonda plays Most Expen$ive for the stainless-steel refrigerator/freezer w/ the 15" LCD HDTV in it (Lanisha), red/silver designer handbags & shoes (Rachel) & the tiki hut (Jeff). Her selection is the fridge/freezer.

Accessories- $3,845
Hut- $2,795
Refrigerator/freezer- $3,399

Chrishonda ($2,042): 55 + 30 = $.85
Patricia ($3,004): 70 + Nickel = Three Quarters
Anna ($7,154): 65 + 75 = OVER; CHRISHONDA GOES TO SHOWCASE

The seventh player called on is Ashley Quadros (dressed as a police officer) and the fourth IUFB are two LG/Sprint cell phones w/ the one-year calling plan (Rachel).

Ashley: $675
Estraletta: $910
Armando: $750
Vaughn: $911

ARP: $1,041

Vaughn plays Safe Crackers (Gwen; also includes two CBS pages around the safe) for a 2011 Toyota Camry LE (Std., AT)(Lanisha) plus a home theater system that includes a "Halloween" Blu-Ray Disc (Rachel), all worth $23,739.


He TOTALLY BLOWS IT with $706, a ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE. Was the correct combination $760...NO, it was $670.

DQ: Zero Rule Violation

Hoping to do better is Bron Leach and the fifth IUFB is the bubble chair (Gwen at Door #1).

Bron: $450
Ashley: $800 
Estraletta: $735
Armando: $550

ARP: $4,214

Ashley plays Super Squeeze Play for his/her Kawasaki Ninja 650Rs (modeled by a mystery man in a flying monkey suit behind Door #3). Board:


Ashley removes the deuce...

$ 1 3 , 5 9 8

...and WINS the motorcycles!

The last soul to go to Contestant's Row is Matthew Shaffer (dressed as Where's Waldo?) and the final IUFB of the week's the double Garmin nuvis (Lanisha behind rising sign). Armando's in danger of going to the First Four Graveyard.

Matthew: $500
Estraletta: $800
Armando: $900
Bronc: $1.5K

ARP: $800, so Estaletta wins a $500 bonus!


Estraletta now has a chance to win 200 times $500 in PAY THE RENT (Rachel)! The groceries Gwen's standing next to are are a six-pack of Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins, Emerald Mixed Nuts, a can of brain toniQ, WD-40, a pack of Lilly Miller Original Scarlet Bright Sweet Poppy Seeds & a 2.5 gallon bottle of Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water.

My house guess:

Mailbox: Water
Level 2: Candy & beverage
Level 3: Seeds & WD-40
Vault: Nuts


Mailbox: Seeds
Level 2: Water (Couch) & Nuts (Range)
Level 3: Candy (TV) & WD-40 (Bathtub)
Vault: Beverage

Seeds: $1.79
Level 2: Water ($2.99) + Nuts ($6.29) = $9.28; QUITS WITH $5K
Level 3: Candy ($3.46) + WD-40 ($4.99) = $8.45
Beverage: $2.59

Correct house:

Mailbox: WD-40 ($4.99)
Level 2: Candy ($3.46) + Seeds ($1.79) = $5.25
Level 3: Beverage ($2.59) + Water ($2.99) = $5.58
Vault: Nuts ($6.29)

She had EVERYTHING WRONG, but I probably would've gone all the way with my house placements and lost 10 big ones, because I thought for sure the nuts were at least $7.

All I would've switched in the Halloween lineup was Safe Crackers & Squeeze Play.

SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN #2 (which was pre-empted on the East Coast due to a bomb scare):
Vaughn ($1,041): 65 + 50 = DOH
Estaletta ($6,300): $.80 
Ashley ($17,812): 60 + 40 = WINS $1K & SHOWCASE BERTH!

Ashley DOESN'T win anything additional in her Bonus Spin after hitting $.35 last.

The first Showcase has nothing but green things- an emerald bracelet coming down from the ceiling (Gwen's next to it), a trip to Ireland (Door #4) and a Hyundai Genesis 2.0 Premium Coupe (Rachel at Door #3; this is a 2010 one).



Chrishonda's Showcase is special, because Jeff won't be introducing all the prizes in it. First, Rachel tells her that there's a Beverly Hills Shopping Spree (Door #1; includes $1K in spending money). Second, Jeff's standing next to a MacBook Air. Third, Drew shows off a trip to the Sorell Hotel Seidenhof in Switzerland on the turntable. And Lanisha tells us the last prize on offer this morning is a Dodge Charger (Door #2).



BID: $27,300

ARP: $41,346

BID: $40,000

ARP: $39,371

Chrishonda leaves with parting gifts, including the giant Hershey's Milk Chocolate bar that everybody in the studio will be receiving today, while Ashley wins $60,158 in cash & merchandise!


Pictureka!: Things have gotten a tad back to normal by the time these teams compete:

Green Team: Brennan (who once wore his pants to school backwards & Jameson (twin boys)
Orange Team: Jarrett (a big brother who's a "Star Wars" fan) & Reina (little sister)


Go Find Fish: Both teams find 14 fish for 140 fish points each.

Maze Craze:

DARRIN (a dad/police sergeant dressed as Leon the Lion):
1. Hedgie hog (160)
2. Esther (180)
3. Dastardly dude (200)
4. Freddy Freckle Nose (220)
5. Flower table

GREG (a dad/policeman dressed as Big-Eyed Bob):
1. Fan girl (160)
2. Cotton puff girl (180)
3. Flying Nozilla (200)
4. Fritzy (220)
5. K.C. Kitty (240)
6. Corny cornet- SWEEP! (260; only second time ever!)

Eyeballs & Oddballs Objects:

1. Automobile
2. Ghost
3. Unicorn

WINNERS: OT, 3-3 (and lead 405-340)


Brennan: Something that uses batteries- Flashlight (390)
Jameson: Something that carries many people- Cruise ship (450)
Darrin: Something w/ eight legs- Spider (520)
Brennan: Something you blow into- Clarinet (600)
Jameson: Something w/ a front door

The OT...gets the necessary four right, but their last object guess of the saxophone is DISQUALIFIED because Greg passed it to Jarrett instead of Jarrett taking it by himself and also putting it in the bin, meaning the GT wins.

PENGUIN PRIZE HUNT: The GT freezes up the clock with :39 left. They're incorrect about Windows #1 & #5, but they do capture #3, #6, #8 & #9...and WIN the Fiji getaway at #8, which Jameson got right with :32 to spare!

WoF: This is thankfully the last night we're going to be on this creepy set. The first category is Event:

_ / _ U L L / _ O _ N

Kim sees A FULL MOON for the first $1,000. Let's interview her first before we get to anyone else:

Kim Kohatsu (Culver City, CA; originally from D.C.)- Freelance copywriter in advertising
Jessica Linberg (Indian Trail, NC)- Animal rescue worker
Mike Murphy (St. Mary's, GA)- A Navy veteran, property manager & pet lover

$2,000 Toss-Up category is Around the House:

G A R _ _ N

T O O _ _

Kim gets the tripler w/ GARDEN TOOLS.

Andy Nguyen & Pat Sajk, you may get a kick out of this prize we're putting on the wheel right now- a trip to the Omni Hotel in Chicago (also includes a Chicago Ghost Investigation tour) worth $5,750! After we hear that the Eggland's Best Jackpot Round category is Phrase, Kim calls five T's for $4,500, four H's for another $2,000, buys an A & E, calls three G's for the trip and buys three I's. We have...

T H I _ G _ / T H A T

G _ / _ _ _ _

I _ / T H E / _ I G H T

...I'm fearing she say THINGS THAT WILL GO DARK IN THE NIGHT...but she nails THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT for the trip and its price its cash, giving her a new total of $14,500 in cash & Chicago!


As we ask that question What Are You Doing?, it's Prize Puzzle Round time. We start with Jessica calling two N's for $1,800, buying three I's and calls an obvious G for the Wild Card, then she buys four A's, calls four P's for the Million Dollar Wedge, an E while on Free Play and she then purchases three O's to clean out the vowels. The board now...

_ I P P I N G / A

P I N A / _ O _ A _ A

_ _ / _ _ E / P O O _

...she gets to keep both the MDW & WC, wins $1,050 & will be SIPPING A PINA COLADA BY THE POOL on her stay at the Marriott San Juan Resort & Stellaris Casino worth $5,218, so her round totals $6,268 in cash & vacation.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: DP4928170 (Dan P. from Florida)

The Meinke Mystery Round topic is Same Letter. Mike starts out by calling three R's for $10.5K, but he then Bankrupts next to the $3.5K wedge to lose that much dough right away.
Secondly, Kim calls two N's for $600, buys four E's, lights up a quartet of D's for another $3,600 and we see...

D E E _

D _ R _

D R E _ R _

D _ N _ E _ N

...she escapes this DEEP, DARK, DREARY DUNGEON for an extra $3,950 & $18,450 total in cash & trip.


The last TU talks about a Living Thing:

_ _ _ _ T / H _ R N _ D

_ _ _

Jessica solves GREAT HORNED OWL to increase her second-place total to $9,268 in cash & Puerto Rico.

Next up is a regular Person. She first calls a $300 S, a pair of T's for another $1,400 & buys a trio of E's before putting up the same number of H's for $1.5K more, a couple A's, and BANKRUPTING IN BETWEEN $600 & $900 TO LOSE $2,400, THE WC & THE MDW. Ouch. Afterwards, Mike lights up double M's for $1,800 and the same amount of N's for an additional $800, followed by a $400 B, a $550 D & an $800 K and we see this setup...

T H E / M A N / B E H _ N D

T H E / M A S K

...he sees THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK to get on the board with $4,350.


Now that he's finally got a puzzle under his belt, he begins this Things board w/ a $300 M, a $900 R, a $500 T, and a pair of S's before the final bell goes off for Last Chance Mode...

_ R _ _ _ _ _ S

M _ T _ _ S

...and the consonant value here tonight is $1,600. After Jessica buys double E's for free...

_ R E C _ _ _ S

M E T _ L S

...she knows that PRECIOUS METALS were formerly offered on this show to finish up with $10,268 in cash & travel. Mike takes w/ him the Round 4 cash bank of $4,350 & Kim's won this match with $18,450 in cash & trip!

Two nights before Halloween, $33,068 in cash & voyages has been given away thus far on the evening.

DUDS (after big bell): D (Mike), G (Mike), H (Jessica)


Maxwell House Big Money Round: Let's see if Kim can be a hero. She spins the A in GAME and the category's she working with is Phrase. We start out as follows:

_ _ _ N

_ _ R _ E S

She calls G, C, H and A and gets...

_ _ _ N

_ _ R C E S

...I wish this lady & I were able to JOIN FORCES on solving this puzzle...

...BUT SHE DOESN'T NEED MY HELP! That nets her a $30K treat, sending her home with $48,450 in cash & Chicago getaway! And the Feeding America Bonus Round Charity Bank moves up to $187.5K!

To end this six-episode week, we see Vanna come out in a giraffe costume! Too bad Pat still doesn't want to join in on the fun, though; his credit in the full credit roll is Monster of Ceremonies.

J!: Jesse Cuevas' already in Tournament of Champions contention, but he would like to improve his standing tonight at the expense of:

Marie Braden (Tempe, AZ)- Customer service representative
Ricky Kreitner (Wayne, NJ)- Philosophy student

Light up the first six categories, Kevin:

U.S. MAGAZINES (this board is themed around them)


At the first break, Cuevas leads Braden $3,400-$2,200, leaving Kreitner with just $200. A bit after halftime, Cuevas picks off the night's first Daily Double under the $800 Time clue, but with a second-place score of $2K, he's trailing Braden by the face value of that clue; Kreitner's $400 in the hole. But the champion's going for a $4K True DD, folks. Here's the clue for the lead back:

Four dozen minutes after 3:15 PM.

"What is 4:03 PM?"...the dozen they were asking for was the 12-count one, so he's right to re-gain the lead with the DOUBLER! We run out of time before we can reach the last two Car & Driver clues; he's still leading with $5,600, Braden has half that & Kreitner's $600 behind her for second place.


The last Double Jeopardy! board of the week:


CHAMBER MUSIC (Clue Crew clues from the Juilliard School located at the Lincoln Center in NYC)

The first DD of this round is found by Braden as the subject on Bible Book Names comes to a close; she's in second with $4,400 and trails the champion for first by the face value of the upcoming clue; Kreitner's a solid third with $3,800. She tries for a tie game w/ this answer:

Six letters: Learned hand, Joseph Crater (once "The Most Missingest Man in America").

"What is judges?"...YES to tie things up at $6,400 each! Following a Triple Stumper to close out "Work", Kreitner wraps up the DDs by finding it attached to the middle clue about Country Clubs. He has $5,400, which is half of Cuevas' second-place score, but Braden's back in front w/ $12,800. The male challenger's risking $4K on this:

Members of this club formed in 1993 include Latvia, Lithuania & Luxembourge-- sorry, Libya, you're NOT invited.

He's wrong by saying "What is the Commonwealth?"; the European Union was it, so he falls to $1,400. We don't have enough time to deal with either the first two clues on either the International Sports Trophies or Chamber Music.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS OF THE ROUND: $1,600 (Chamber Music)

Post-Double Jeopardy! Scores:

Jesse: $12,400
Ricky: $3,400
Marie: $14,800


Jesse: $11,200
Ricky: $7,400
Marie: $14,800


Topping the charts on October 20, 1962, this novelty song is the only #1 hit to have the word "Electrodes" in the lyrics.

Ricky Kreitner jotted down "What is Please, Mr. Postman.", which is a ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE; at least he had some fun with that, though. That drops him to a buck. Jesse Cuevas had a TIME OVER before he could complete his question of "What is 'The Monster Mash'?"...and to make matters worse, THAT'S RIGHT. As it is, that will cost him $10,800, so his final score drops to $1,600 and he'll leave with $67,981, because Marie Braden finished the correct response in time to win the championship w/ $24,800!

DFtL!: Michael Daniel helps wrap up what has been a fantastic week for the show.

Specialty Categories: 1970s & R & B

1. Rock
A: "Bang a Gong" by T.Rex (1972)
B: "Gimme All Your Lovin'" by ZZ Top (1983)
PICK: "Gimme All Your Lovin'"
PREVIOUS LINE: "Don't let up..."

FINAL GUESS: "...until we're through" (he originally had the second word as "I'm")

2. 1970s
A: "Get Closer" by Seals & Crofts w/ Carolyn Willis (1976)
B: "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" by Elton John (1975)
PICK: "Someone Saved My Life Tonight"

PREVIOUS LINE: "You're a butterfly"

FINAL GUESS: "And butterflies are free to fly"

MySpace Featured Singer of the Night: Kelly (Palm Coast, FL)

3. R & B
A: "Nightshift" by Commodores (1985)
B: "Shining Star" by The Manhattans (1980)
PICK: "Nightshift"

PREVIOUS LINE: "Sing your songs forevermore"

FINAL GUESS: "Gonna be some sweet sounds"

4. Pop
A: "I Can See Clearly Now" by Johnny Nash (1972)
B: "Cold Hearted" by Paula Abdul (1989)
PICK: "Cold Hearted"
PREVIOUS LINE: "Do you really think..."
BASE GUESS: "...that he's really there for you...?"

A: "...he cares about you when he's gone?"
B: "...he dreams about you late at night?

C: "...he thinks about you when he's out?


Domino's Pizza Fun Fact of the Night: Jordin Sparks started singing when she was only 18 months old.

He goes home with five grand.

ENCORE: "Part-Time Lover" by Stevie Wonder (1985)
PREVIOUS LINE: "...when part-time lovers, but if there's..."
GUESS: "...someone on the phone, then I'm not at home..." (A: "...some emergency, have a male friend to ask for me")

All told, in the seven episodes I've blogged this week, a grand total of $117K was given away to the seven civilian contestants plus singer Angel Taylor's charity!

5th Grader: Last to check into the classroom this week was Alex Messina (who has been a lifeguard for nine years and has saved over 600 people, including 41 in a single day; he's also pursuing his Master's Degree in Geography). Let's check the board:

1st Grade Measurements
1st Grade Astronomy
2nd Grade Life Science
2nd Grade Spelling
3rd Grade Vocabulary
3rd Grade Social Studies
4th Grade Grammar
4th Grade Math


What planet in the Solar System are we standing on right now?

Alex knew that would be Earth, of course.

SUBJECT #2: Spelling

Spell the name of the following U.S. state- Pennsylvania.

He succeeded to triple his money.

SUBJECT #3: Social Studies

T or F: A U.S. Presidential veto cannot be overridden.

He thought that was False...the entire classroom was right for $5K.

SUBJECT #4: Math

In the set of numbers three, x, eight & seven, if the range of the set is seven & three is the lowest number, what is x?

Alex Peeked at Jenni, and she wrote down his gut answer of 10, so that's what he locked in...yes for a new haul of $12.5K!

SUBJECT #5: Grammar

Which word in the following sentence is the subordinating conjunction- "Because Jill didn't eat the glazed donuts, she had room for blueberry pie"?

Because Alex answered "because"...he wisely saved his Copy and now had $20K!

SUBJECT #6: Vocabulary

Which of the following words is an eponym?

A: Diesel
B: Two
C: Lemon

Alex answered Diesel...right again!

SUBJECT #7: Life Science

A frog, owl & fly make up a typical food chain in nature. Place the three animals in order, starting with the one which is at the bottom of the chain.

According to this lifeguard, the correct chain was fly, frog & owl...he was now one right answer away from running the table!

FINAL SUBJECT: Measurements

In the U.S., what's the first month of the calendar year to occur completely in the season of Summer?

Alex's final answer, at least in regulation, was July...GOT IT! Did he go for the quarter million dollars...for the first time this season, the answer was YES!

U.S. Geography

Independence Rock is a granite boulder w/ the names of many pioneers carved into it. Declared a national historic landmark in 1961, it's located in what U.S. state?

Alex thought Oregon...

...BUT IT WAS HIS SECOND GUESS OF WYOMING. OUCH. That sent him back to his lifeguard area with the $2.5K card.

Tonight's Celebrity Millionaire recap

8: "Millionaire"
7: "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?", "Don't Forget the Lyrics!", "Jeopardy!", "Pictureka!" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Let's Make a Deal"
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