Sunday, October 10, 2010

"The Amazing Race XVII" 10/10

Opening Clue: Go to the Akotoku Boxing Academy in Jamestown for the second clue.

This week's budget is $146.

ROADBLOCK #3: One member of each team has to complete a series of pro boxing training exercises- wrapping their hands and working the speed bag & the jump rope for a minute each before receiving their third clue.

Brook Roberts & Claire Champlin, who won last week's stage, have the early lead in this one.

Clue #3: Take a taxi to a supply depot, where the fourth clue can be found.

Clue #4: After choosing two wheelbarrows and loading them up with construction supplies, they must bring them fully intact to the Asebi D/A Primary School in order to receive their fifth clue.

Clue #5: Pass an African geography quiz before the next clue can be collected.

DETOUR #2: Bicycle Parts or Language Arts?

Bicycle Parts: They have to use a stick to roll a couple bicycle rims all the way across a soccer field and back without either one falling onto the ground in order to receive their next clue.

Language Arts: They get to pick a proverb containing eight highlighted phrases, with each phrase corresponding to a symbol. If all eight symbols are found in the designated order, they'll get their next clue.

PIT STOP #3: The Home of Awusa Ntso, where one team may be eliminated.

The stage winners of this week are...

...Connor Diemand-Yauman & Jonathan Schwartz, winning them each a $5K bonus!

2. Gary & Mallory Ervin

3. Chad Waltrip & Stephanie Smith

4. Katie Seamon & Rachel Johnston

5. Nick DeCarlo & Vicki Casciola

6. Brook & Claire

7. Jill Haney & Thomas Wolfard

8. Kat Chang & Nat Strand

That means Kevin & Michael Wu...

...are NOT going home, but they are going to be doing the season's first Speed Bump next week.
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