Sunday, October 24, 2010

"The Amazing Race XVII" 10/24

Opening Clue: After going to a gondola station in Narvik, Norway, they have to ride a gondola to the top of a mountain before they can get their second clue.

FAST FORWARD: Each member of a team has to eat half a roasted sheep's head at a restaurant.

Clue #2: Go to the Skjombrua Bridge for their next clue.

Kat Chang & Nat Strand, who won last week's stage, are going for the FF...AND COMPLETE IT (despite one half of the team saying she hadn't eaten meat for over two decades)! To add to their trips to Belize, we have for each of them...a second trip from Travelocity to the Hotel Parador in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica! They beat out Nick Decarlo & Vicki Casciola in the process.

PIT STOP #5: The Ankenes Marina, where another team will be eliminated.

ROADBLOCK #5: Propel & ascend off said bridge before calling for one of two boats to bring them their next clue and ascending back up the bridge.

Next Clue: Drive to Harvika, where the next clue awaits.

DETOUR #4: Bike or Boat?

Bike: After choosing a pair of mountain bikes, teams have to remember the color of their bicycle lock and ride down a course to a sign with the bicycle lock combinations on them:

Yellow- 4916
Red- 5820
Green- 0418
Purple- 5927
Grey- 1847
Blue- 8429
Orange- 7091
Black- 4928
White- 9132
Brown- 4951

After attempting to memorize their code, they have to ride back to the start of the course and if they can unlock their lock, they'll get their PS clue.

Boat: Teams must choose a fishing troller and using a map for reference, they have to direct their boat's captain to the designated shore spot before they disembark the boat. They need to deliver two large pieces of cod & a chainsaw to a summer lodge in order to get the PS info they need.


2. Gary & Mallory Ervin (second straight week they've finished in this spot)

3. Jill Haney & Thomas Wolfard

4. Kevin & Michael Wu

5. Brook Roberts (who injured part of her eye just as they were about to check in) & Claire Champlin

6. Nick & Vicki

Katie Seamon & Rachel Johnston are in the bottom two for the second consecutive week; Chad Waltrip & Stephanie Smith are the other team. Let's see who's getting "Philiminated" tonight...

Katie & Rachel
Chad & Stephanie

...Katie & Rachel, so they leave EMPTY-HANDED.
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